Prank pulled by our physics teacher in Freshman year of high school.

The metric system unit of measurement.
1 Fec = 31557.8 seconds
1 Fec= 8.76 Hours
1 Fec = 0.365 days
The metric hour is deciFec (dF) = 0.1 Fecs
The metric minute is milliFec (mF) = 0.001 Fecs
The metric second is microFec (µF) = 0.000001 Fecs
The metric Week is DecaFec (DF) = 10F
The metric metric month is hectoFec (hF) 100F

The metric year is KiloFec (KF) = 1000 Fecs or 365.25 days.
The metric Century is MegaFec (MF) = 1000000 Fecs
The Fec systems eliminates the problem of Leap-years and also adopts a base 10 unit of time, like every other measurement. The system will be adopted in 50 years, after all old people who didn’t learn the Fec system in school die.
1) The Earth is 4.5 x 10^6 MF old, or 4.5 Terafecs.
2) My birthday is 2.764 hectoFecs away.
3) Me: What time is it?

My nigga: It’s 1.89 Fecs
by Dr. JAG October 29, 2018
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Flesh Eating Capitalist. Sarcastic term to describe someone who is an adamant proponent of capitalism where the ends justify any means. Noted FEC's are Marc Rousset
Marc is a FEC, he wants Wal-Mart to run every department store.
by Marc Rousset May 17, 2005
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a short term for feces, meaning shit
by Shawn Walthall February 18, 2009
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Full Excellent Combo!!! Used to describe a certain score on the dance simulation game "In The Groove."

Dude! I finally got a FEC on Delirium!
by qwv May 28, 2005
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What the fek, did you see that fec? He is too F to even C
by wrapmaster August 24, 2010
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Fat Emo Chick. they continually roam the dark ally streets at night like your worst shadowy nightmare.
Emily: "hey looks like you got a secret admirer"
Tim: *shudders* "ugh not another FEC!"
by Shmemily Bizzoyle April 5, 2008
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