(Internet Tough Guy)a person who acts very intimidiating while online, but doesnt do anything when in person. The origional ITG was Micheal Guitna of Canada who acted very intimidating online but was a much more timid in person. ITG's have spawned all over the world
"OMG that guy is such an ITG!!"
by Paul C January 23, 2004
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Inner Thigh Gap. The natural gap some women have between their legs when their legs are together
Hey Dave, check her out. You can drive a train through her ITG.
by w3source June 2, 2007
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Abriviation for In The Groove.

In The Groove is an arcade dance game like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Two "pads" with four directional panels per pad are facing a screen, on which arrows will scroll from bottom to top, each arrow coresponding to a direction on the pad. When the arrow reaches the top of the screen, the player is required to step on the appropriate panel. Accuracy of the players timing is shown on each step.

ITG is produced by Roxor. There plan was to take the concept of DDR and make it better. DDR and ITG differ in many places. For example ITG has a three-dementional graphics system as opposed to DDR's two.

The first issue between Roxor and Bemani started over Roxor taking DDR cabinets and modifying them to play ITG instead of producing their own. That started a lawsuit that is still being battled in court.

Lets go to the arcade and play ITG!
by Mikey T. January 22, 2006
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An acronym for internet tough guy. An internet tough guy is a person usually male, about 35 years old living in his mothers basement on the internet that frequently makes threats about how much of a bad ass they are and makes claims of how much they've accomplished. The common internet tough guy will frequently say things like "STFU Noob", "Go fuck your mother, "your a fucking faggot", and so on. They'll also threaten with things like "I'll beat your ass", and "tell me where you live because i'll beat your ass there"
Actual youtube reply I got from an ITG
"ur a fukin fag half of the world smokes cocaine n ur pussy ass doesnt realize how much safer n better it is then alcohol and other shit so y dnt u jus stick to sniffing glue u fukin pussy ass faggot"
by 5 dollar foot long March 28, 2009
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In the Groove, a DDR-like arcade game produced by Roxor Games. The game is meant to cater more to the elite enthusiast crowd that patronized DDR, and has music that is geared more toward American tastes. The game is installed into a standard DDR cabinet.
"ITG >>>>>>> DDR," raved the elite who outgrew Konami's megahit.
by ts3433 December 18, 2004
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Inner Teenage Girl

We all have one, but some can suppress it more than others
Le friend: "Sandra Bullock was amazing in Gravity."
Le Me: "Wow, ITG much? "
by badgerslikemushrooms September 21, 2014
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In The Groove. Created by RoXoR Games.
A game very simular to DDR. The concept is the same except you may have to hit 3 to 4 arrows at one time. You can play Single, Double, or 2 player. Instead of DDR's ps memory slot, this has a USBdrive slot, making it much easier than formatting a PS memory card from JAP DDR Ex. to ARC DDR Ex.. ITG's songs generally arn't as catchy or as good as DDR's songs, but the steps are more fun and it's twice as addicting. Also see DDR, Dance Dance Revolution, In the Groove, Beatmania.
"Want to go play In The Groove?"
"Helbs yesh!"
by XeroCi May 2, 2005
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