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A dancing game developed by Roxor (and later partnered with Andamiro) in which players try to step on panels according to a step pattern that appears on screen.

While nearly identical in concept to Konami's Dance Dance Revolution, so much so that Roxor has been sued for patent and copyright infringement, some conceptual differences can be observed: the use of mines (which reduce one's life if triggered) and hands (a third or fourth arrow needing to be hit by slapping the panel with your hands), a scoring system based on the percentage of points scored over points possible, denser step patterns (some songs have over 800 steps, whereas DDR's densest song has only around 600), and a heavy emphasis on arrow modifiers present in the game's mod-heavy marathon courses
Have you played In the Groove yet? It's like DDR, but a lot harder.
by Loogaroo November 16, 2005
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A dance simulation game similat to DDR, except the songs can be more difficult(up to 13), there are mines, and 3-4 arrows sometimes have to be hit at once.
by 5'1"Racer May 22, 2005
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A good dancing game, which, contrary to popular belief, IS NOT A CRAPPY DDR RIP OFF. While it has the same basic gameplay as Dance Dance Revolution, it introduces new concepts such as hands (hitting 3 or 4 arrows at a time, with feet and your hands) and mines (avoid stepping on these). Both versions of In the Groove (ITG1 and ITG2) have good song lists.

Just to let you know, I play both ITG and DDR. I'm not a fanboy of either. I like them both the same.
retarded DDR fanboy: itg iz a crapy rip off of ddr!!!!1111!!!one!111two

equally retarded ITG fanboy: wel, in teh groov is mor orijinul and haz betta sonz n stepchartzz!!!!!!!!111one!1111three

Me: You're both retarded. Both games are good. DDR is just as good as In the Groove.
by Blahb August 15, 2007
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Dance Dance Revolution rip off. Made by Roxor Games, the same people who made the Spongebob Squarepants game. DDR cabinets have been cracked into to install this crap. Konami filed a lawsuit, which they should. Roxor violated the antitrust law.
Me: Lets go play DDR at the mall.
Friend: Oh no, they put In the Groove in the cabinet.
Me: Don't worry, Konami will sue the hell out of them.
by Maiikeru July 15, 2006
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