a person who advocates a theory, proposal, or project.

advocate · supporter · upholder · exponent · promoter · adherent · endorser · champion · defender · backer · subscriber · patron · espouser · friend · apostle · apologist
Donald J. Trump is a proponent of a wall along the southern U.S.A. / Mexico border.
Our president is a supporter/endorser/defender/champion/backer of a wall along the southern U.S.A. / Mexico border..
by Dabu G April 27, 2019
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Similar to Propanone.
Organic Chemistry teacher: this chemical is called Propone.

Student: isn't it ProPANONE??

by Skeetpants September 30, 2008
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Those Benghazi/Petraeus quitting conspiracy "proponents" sure are a bunch of loons.
by D. Petraeus November 16, 2012
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Proponent is an intelligent, brilliant and hardworking person
Loves Sex,and hardly falls in love.
Good looking guy, Handsome without limit, dark skinned guy ,shy.
Tabulates ideas but takes less action proponents
Pr0p0nents support's 0pinions from wrong and right sources.
Passionate about success, Detest Mediocrity and likes women a lot
We need a proponent of Science in our next debate
by Proponent August 21, 2018
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