Epic Games, Inc. is a software development corporation. They are mainly known for creating the popular battle royale game, Fortnite. Epic Games is also known for their terrible customer service and horrible support features. They enjoy banning Fortnite users for using exploits that Epic Games does not remove. Sometimes it seems Epic Games does not truly care about how their users feel rather, they only care about the money... Tisk, tisk, tisk
Person contacting Epic Games: "Hello, I recently lost all my guns in Save The World because the game kicked me and my friends. It said 'We Hit a Roadblock' and something along the lines of 'Unable to save data.'

Epic Games: "Thank you for submitting your request. A member of our Player Support Team will respond as quickly as possible."

*Four Days Later*

Person contacting Epic Games: "Are you even going to respond?"

Epic Games: "Thank you for submitting your request. A member of our Player Support Team will respond as quickly as possible."
by MathO24 August 12, 2018
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Epic Games is that game developer that made the now infamous game Gears of War 2, using what THEY believe to be the most powerful, advanced and flexible gaming engine to date. Epic Games is nothing more than a crack team of fuck ups that were so high on their own hype for Gears of War 2, they boasted about how it would be the most unique, graphically enhanced, and addictive game for the Xbox 360, both its campaign and multiplayer. Boy were they ever wrong. Yes, the graphics are good, but the engine Epic designed seemed to mess up everything else in multiplayer, producing laggy servers, ever increasing glitches and ever heightening egos. Epic takes it upon themselves to release half-assed updates that do nothing more than make the game ever more dreadful and idiotic to play. The lack of forsight and sheer skill of Epic Games has thus brought forth one of the more tedious and frustrating games to play on the Xbox 360.
Frank1The2Tank3:Hey Cel3stial get Gears of War 2 its soo hot...

Cel3stial: Ok, but I heard its made by the Epic Games fuck squad. But whatever if you say so.

Three Months Later...

Frank1The2Tank3: Wow gay I two pieced him.

Cel3stial: THis shit is wack. Epic Games can suck my cock.

Bighead2Large21: COLE TRAIN BABY!!
by Cold Nigga July 21, 2009
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A gay corrupt company that makes their best players leave with robots
Oh damn epic games pulled another pro
by Fortniter August 10, 2019
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The people who made a game that is like candy to children and made a Steam spyware rip-off
"Epic games, where games are epicness" - Pyrocynical
by YEET'ER March 15, 2021
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