Farts and molecules blended together forming a large cloud of Farticule matter.
Caleb farted creating a large cloud of farticules and everyone left the room.
by Billy Bob Fartsalot March 1, 2010
The act of coherent verbal expression when the content of said expression is in fact reducible to a nonverbal expression of equal length, such as that issuing on occasion from between the fleshy cheeks of the buttock.
While I find the Senator's farticulation of the importance of morality in education to be surprisingly convincing, I suspect that an actual release of colonic winds would have been even more resonant and melodious.
by Magnus Floobertson February 5, 2008
The state of matter bteween solid and gaseous that describes the airborne feces passed with flatus.
When you smell a fart small pieces of farticulate shit get stuck in your nose.
by stooptard September 7, 2003
Capable of exerting an unusual degree of control over one's sphincter apparatus while expelling flatulence; endowed with unusual powers of colonic expression.
Buster, ever farticulate in word and deed, punctuated his racist tirade with a booming and authoritative burst from between his pimply, doughy ass-cheeks, leaning the standard 15 degrees to one side on his hardwood chair as he did so.
by kemibe February 20, 2013
To express meaning through flatulence. The communication is typically limited to the noise made by the fart, but meaning may also derive from the smell afterwards. Most often used to represent a negative response.
Even if you can be very eloquent, it's best not to farticulate during an interview.
by Applecide November 11, 2014
The residual faecal particles produced from an extremely powerful, shit-inducing fart.
When the man looked at his boxers, he realised they had been stained a rancid shade of brown by his daily farticulate.
by DuckMan37 April 9, 2019
Some one who doesn't really know what they are talking about but sound like they do because they are good at talking out of their ass.
That congressman had no idea about that subject, but because he was so farticulate, he won the debate.
by TheBeatsmith December 3, 2010