In live-streaming, manipulating a particular group of your audience for donations or subscriptions.
Her stream was all about farming simps and coomers.
by SgtBananas October 5, 2020
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In video games, it's when you collect a bunch of a certain item in order to power yourself up.
Orb farming in Devil May Cry 3.
Soul farming in Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow.
by Durango December 30, 2005
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The act of "growing" relationships via social network like Facebook or Myspace by "planting" a "seed" and watching it grow. Seed is often a random IM that grows into a conversation which leads to a meeting which ends with a hook up.
I asked my boy where he met all these girls he's been hanging out with and he said he had a successfull day of Facebook Farming
by peterpan425 January 29, 2012
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During sex the man or woman will shit on the stomach of the other partner and spread it flat. Once you do that, you piss all over it as if you were watering crops.
John: Dude i just farmed my girlfriend!!! :D

Mark: Sweet Dude!!!!.... oh wait that's fucking gross

John: no dude, farming is awesome!!!

Mark: GTFO
by Johncrapsalot January 2, 2012
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To go out on and steal things from cars, houses, yards. Something theives do.
He was exhuasted becuase he was out farming last night.
by November May 19, 2005
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The act of online gaming for many hours without end. Origination came out of my friends playing Farm Ville and Farm Town on Facebook for hours on end and doing nothing else productive.

Whenever these people are playing ANY game, they can be said they are farming.
Me: Yo Bill, you farming again?
Bill: Nope, playing WoW..
Me: Farm it up bitch!

Me: Kevin doesn't do sh*t, dude farms all day long.
Other: He's actually playing something else.
Me: Whatever, guy is farming, just deal with it and move on...
by FuckaRound April 11, 2010
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When you're trimming your bowl cut, and you accidentally snip a little too much off the ends, and it turns out really uneven in front.
The Illusion: "Oh dude, I totally farmed it right there."
by Quasi-Realistic Dude August 12, 2013
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