A phrase often used when someone asks what/why someone else is doing when confused, or moral is in question. The phrase is then used as a response to further confuse/annoy the person asking.

The phrase was turned into a meme though mlp:fim with the character rainbow dash who had a "deal with it" not caring attitude when ever she put on random sunglasses that she would pull out of nowhere.
fluttershy: ...um rainbow i don't thin...

rainbow dash: (sunglasses) Deal With It!

fluttershy: um okay...
by ka1ashnikov1947 February 8, 2012
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the most annoying phrase ever invented by middle skool kids.
u can use it n any situation. its perfectly annoying to every one. including teachers
"deal with it"
"shut up"
"deal with it"
"DUDE!!! SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!"
by gsbgsfbsfdgsfghsg January 27, 2008
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A drinking game created by a townie named Fubar in Kutztown, USA. It's pretty easy to learn: Hand out a card to each player, the person with the highest card drinks '3' or takes three sips. Everyone screams "deal with it!" to the person who has to drink. Great way to get drunk, really, really fast. Easy to learn, no arguing over the rules like Asshole the Card Game.

Warning: May get old, fast.
Greg: We cannot agree on the rules for any drinking game, what shall we do?

Fubar: I'll create a new, easy to learn game - it shall be called deal with it


Group of people who didn't pick the highest card: DEAL WITH IT!


Screaming Drunks: Deal with it!
by gmoonit January 2, 2010
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Dominant challenge issued by those in power.
Sure, if I was living in a box, on the margins of society, or couldn't do shit for myself so needed to complain about others who can, I'd be a liberal. But since i'm not a fucktarded atheist misanthrope, I'll vote conservative.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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A reality tv show on NBC that requires no skill, in which contestants merely choose briefcases at random. Recently, NBC demonstrated this by airing an episode where a monkey earned more money than a human contestant who was given the same setup of briefcases.
EX. 1
Host Howie: "Deal or no deal?"

Contestant: MOoohhahaH monkey sounds

EX. 2
Bill: Yeah, and to imagine I won it all on a game show.
Jim: Which one?
Bill: Deal or no deal?
Jim: Oh, the one that requires no skill.
by punkyBrewster January 15, 2009
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A show on NBC. It's known for its very over zealous host, Howie Mandel, and its even more over the top contestants. Most of which have some gimmick to offer on the show because that is the only way that NBC can get ratings these days. *sigh*. NBC used to have quality shows like ER, but they have turned into crap shows because NBC is more interested in the Apprentice and any other reality show they can get their hands on. Deal or no Deal has a good idea, but unfourtanately for us viewers it is on NBC.
Howeie Mandel: The Banker has just offered $100,000,000,000,000, deal or no deal?

Contestant: Um? Can I use one of my lifelines?

Howie Mandel: No dipshit! We'll be right back after some cheap advertising from NBC!
by redskins0756 May 4, 2006
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What you say to a prostitute who changed her price mid-fuck.
Man: "Bitch, I'll give you $20...Deal or No Deal?"

Whore: "Deal!"
by G2X April 13, 2007
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