The illusion is a spin off from the ghost. This shall be performed while at night on a full moon this only will work if you have a twin brother. While you and your significant other are to be doing doggie in-front of a window act as of you have dropped something. Then proceeded to quickly and quietly leave while your brother and you switch places. Once you have made it outside walk around to the window and proceed to wave at your partner. She will most likely look around in a confused state but see your twin brother in your place and be the upmost confused.
Danny last night we completely ghosted my girl, yes The Illusion was quite splendid (English chuckle in the background).
by Danny Quaker November 12, 2019
GOB: "Illusion, Michael! A trick is something a whore does for money."
by MegT May 4, 2007
refer to fr. something that you think is there... but realli isn't
illusion's penis is like an illusion. one minute it was in kai's mouth, the next it was his ass
by kekekekekekekekek lah! August 27, 2003
someone who looks really hot from the back but from the front is UGLY
damn, there are so many illusions at this party
by madzam July 14, 2002
Similar to a Glamour, but erects an illusion on a scene instead of a single object, such as making the outlook of a window appear different.
The specters were only an Illusion. Growling I changed direction again and charged down the hall.
by Kwing October 29, 2009
A meta-state that has no discrete beginning or end. The antithesis of a paradox.
Reality is an illusion.
by sandrashine August 29, 2018
The inability of sense to detect whether time is mutually exclusively cyclical or linear.

The perception of time as linear with no discrete beginning in the past or end to its future.

Unbroken continuity from one moment to the next.
'Now' is an illusion. Now is an illusion because desire both individual and collective is a false momentum.
by sandrashine September 2, 2018