No hair on the arm, no hair on the farm

That girl is so tight, nothing gets into her farm
by farmlover268 October 23, 2012
The act of hanging around public toilets and fishing out turds, particulary those produced by people who one finds attractive.
Bill had spent the afternoon farming at the bogs in Marble Arch. As he took the Tube home he took a peek at the two large logs he had wrapped up in his sports bag.
by Botter December 3, 2003
Short for "frontier arms" or the condition of having giant meat slab like triceps built up from common household tasks on the range. "Farms" are mostly found unexpectedly on otherwise reasonably proportioned woman. "Farms" usually indicate a girl who will grow fat as life progresses.
Dude, that chick you nailed last night was a chub. She had cankles and farms!
by chubby chaser February 1, 2007
Prison. People wandering around the yard like farm animals. Trapped in by fences and handlers.
"They just sent Juan and Rico to the Farm last week, we gotta get up n see em."
by DonVega June 17, 2008
The other "f-word". A word used by young girls instead of fuck so they won't get in trouble.
"Like, that song was farming awesome!"
"Farm off dude!"
by GernB May 12, 2008
A term used in certain games when a person continuously steals another's resources.
**Warcraft III**
A: You should really build some defense, I'm farming experience off your guys.

**In WC3, exp can be gained by killing enemy units**
by toxicity June 20, 2005
Fat + Arms = FARMS.
it's when your arms are fat but usually you're tall. and a cyborg. AND HAVE A NICE BODY. and wear hooker shorts.
Trevor likes very much to grab Christy's farms. He also bites them. but lower. so as to be not completely terrible.
by DONNA HOFFMAN August 5, 2009