The legendary grade of myth given by teachers to those students demonstrating a level of suck beyond imaginable. Acquiring an F minus for a grade is such a feat beyond the norm that this student must be beyond hope.

Such a feat as acquiring an F- is not an easy gain, and the everyday slacker will just not do. To obtain such a legendary grade upon your classroom input, one must work hard and put in thousands upon thousands of samples of ignorance while simultaneously putting in time unworthy of class participation points such as the classic "A for effort".
In most cases, this grade is so beyond fail that it equals win.
Teacher: I called upon you to do your presentation, so you walked to the front of class, sat in my valuable teachers' desk that I paid for with my own money, and managed to break it. Not to mention this is chemistry class, NOT geometry, and doing a demonstration on finding the area of a Pokeball will get you nowhere in life. F-.
by dustydragon June 1, 2010
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1) Food & Fucking. One of the main reasons men stay in relationships with women they don't particularly like is because of the free food and the free sex.

2) First & Fifteenth, a term, record label and street corner made famous by Chicago's finest, Lupe Fiasco.
1) Mark: Hey didn't Fogel break up with that bitch? I thought he said he doesn't even like her?

Tony: Yeah he can't really stand her at all, but he's staying in it for the F & F.

2) Just listen to any Lupe song
by Anthony FreeMason June 7, 2010
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Female/Female or Female on Female, also a term/tag used to describe lesbian stories and fanfiction.
Gary: What kind of fanfiction do you write?
Sarah: I only write f/f fanfiction
by scullyitsaliens February 3, 2017
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1. Family & Friends

2. Forgive & Forget

3. Fuck it & Forget
1. "Wanna hang out?"
"Yeah sure come over, we're having F&F over tonight."


3. "Man this is a really stupid thing to be fighting about. Lets just F&F okay?
by emilysnap December 25, 2009
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This position is where the female is lying on her back while the male proceeds to face fuck her while at the same time fingering her
"Dude, last night i F F & F'ed the shit out out of this bitch!"
by Joel Beach September 7, 2006
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f&f - flirt and forget. used after a break up, when you want to forget about your ex by flirting with other people.
person 1 : hey dude. heard about the break up. you alright?
person 2 : yeah, man. i'll just f&f.
by mermanpoop May 16, 2016
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Dude ! Did you see the new F&F movie ? It was so tight.
by jbaaaby March 18, 2009
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