An allegory for a terrible willy wankin' addiction. At any given point you are either fapping or not fapping. Like you're the cat and fapping is the poison
Paul: "I've been thinking about titties all morning. Man, it feels like at any time I could break down and fap"

Pattrick: "I'd hate to joke about your troubles, but it'd be pretty funny if we called that Shrodinger's Fap"
by Founder of Shrodinger's Fap April 29, 2022
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The sudden urge to masturbate...
While the Pastor gave his sermon Krys experienced a sudden fap attack.
by ShankMasterKrys August 20, 2013
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When a group of men/women surround a target and start "fapping" intimidating the target into a fap induced suicide. Usually used by trained professionals.
I hear one of the Russian politicians got fap attacked yesterday.
by Peeeeepppeeeeee the dog September 28, 2018
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When you are playing a typical tapping game on your phone (e.g. Tap Busters), whilst combining it with fapping. Tap Fap.
I love to Tap Fap!
by K0lnes September 3, 2018
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When one faps without the removal of ones underwear
by Master of Disaster 64 June 29, 2019
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The fine are of masterbating and blowing you load all over the room at the Emergancy Room in a hospital.
I went in last night just for a ER Fap . Was the time of my life .
by wadlust October 16, 2023
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To masturbate in memory of someone who has just died.
Oh no, Nikki Brutal died! I'm gonna gonna go sympathy fap. She was the hottest streamer I knew.
by BuLL3t1789 December 26, 2016
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