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The American Slang word for something that is very metal.
Taken by other scenes such as "Hardcore", and "Scene", it was originally used my Metalheads, and should stay that way.
by DJ Deathday October 26, 2008
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Of or relating to the heaviest of death metal. Many people abuse the term and use it for reference to emo/scene grindcore bands. Most often, bands with technicality aren't really brutal due to an emphasis on talent and complicated riffs/structuring rather then heavyness, eg. Necrophagist.
Devourment, Inveracity, Sanatorium, Cephalotripsy, Wormed, Brodequin, Liturgy, Carnal, Digested Flesh, Viscera Trail, Internal Suffering, Artery Eruption, Disgorge(U.S variant more so, the mexican version leaning toward "sick" goregrind)

-There truly is no such thing a "brutal" grindcore, however the closest thing to grindcore brutality would most likely be Last Days of Humanity due to the agressive super heavy goregrind approach. The main limiting factor of grindcore preventing its brutality would be the length of the song coupled with guitar riffs with more of an emphasis on a style of agressive thrash metal than "slamming" death metal.
by Autolyticsociety July 04, 2006
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if referring to a person, a total badass, doesn't care what others think, just out there, with the truth and themselves even if it means getting put down for it... or like some rad hardcore shit, great metal ..brutal.
by xgumbyx March 27, 2008
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Extremely ruthless or cruel
usually meaning metal, death metal, heavy metal...

or Crude or unfeeling in manner or speech.

Although at times people tend to use the word as
extreme, awesome, dope...

ex1: That bands album is brutal

ex2: The wrist piercing Rachel got is brutal !
by ughh kyle May 25, 2008
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A word used to describe how heavy or fast and extreme a metal band is i.e. Death Metal. Generally doesnt apply to any other kind of music apart from metal as it fits this genre best.
Basically it is used loosley to describe how good the band itself is.
Have you heard that new Vital Remains album?...

its fucking brutal.


You guys heard ofbrutalized mortality...?

aww yeah they're pretty brutal.
by Tom Patchett September 15, 2004
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An Army sluggo who always gives 100% and then some at all brutal Army tasks, whatever they may be. Can be found at a bar with dog tags out over an Affliction shirt and a fresh pair of Altamas. Often seen at the airport wearing an ACU assualt pack demanding an upgrade to first class. Typically yells "zero" after every overhead arm clap to demonstrate elite fitness.
Dris and Shawn went for a Saturday night ruckmarch after getting Airborne wings tattooed on their biceps, so brutal!
by USMAPS March 30, 2011
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A synonym of cool that was adopted by mostly by emo and scene kids, to describe things deemed interesting by them.
ex1: OMG did you just see that guy roundhouse kick that guy in the pit? It was so BRUTAL!

ex2: Oli Sykes is so brutal!
by beatdownXXXXXXXXX April 11, 2009
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