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n.: A vopal dagger used in certain sacrifices and black magic.
Shit, I forgot the krys for tonight.
by Syn|30W March 15, 2004
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The cutest, most radtastical, hockey playing, amazing, funny, sweet, adorable, crazy, sexy emo boy ever.
"Oh my gawd, did you see Krys over there? He is soo hot, and totally radtastical."
by Maryxxxx October 25, 2006
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someone with really, really unattractive friends who are girls, usually black or some kind of low spanish.

even he admits they are FUGLY. and ugly people have ugly friends. No one else will be friends with these losers, no one wants to be friends with ugly, nasty, asscrack faced girls so they make friends with krys, the only guy who will even talk to them

they pretend to defend each other and pretend to care about each other's feelings but it doesn't matter when they are donkey dick ugly

combined, their non-beauty could kill all living things in 100,000 mile radius. Beware of his ugly friends, especially the "girls" you can probably see them coming because everyone will drop dead on the streets when they walk towards you
krys has some ugllyyy friends
by thatistotallytitz April 26, 2010
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