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Taking your shirt off the second you get within twenty feet of water, regardless of how sloppy looking you are. Dignity and self-respect are meaningless when practicing 'sun's out, tum's out'.
Dude 1: Jody can't go near a body of water while keeping his shirt on. Check him out over there in the kiddy pool splashing water on his gut.

Dude 2: Sun's out, tum's out bro. Stop shaming.
by joemammy August 2, 2019
A slob with a gelatin-like body. These people are frequently seen on My Morbidly Obese Life lifting up their folds to bathe. Don't feel bad for these people, they did it to themselves.
Jody used to rest bags of Cheetos on his gut while he watched WWE. What a sloptart.
by joemammy August 2, 2019
A girl with whorish like qualities and or abilities. She may look normal to the eye, but once you get to know her you will soon find out that she possesses characteristics that someone considered a whore possesses.
Susie is so extrawhordinary. I was talking to her yesterday and in the middle of our conversation she just busted out and was like "my anus is KILLING me!". I was speechless after this.
by joemammy March 4, 2007
When a white person asks you who raps that, just say Fetty Wop. They won't know any different.
Urkel: Yo dude this that new Carter 5?

Friend: Na it's fetty wop.

Urkel: Oh, duh! Just like the last five songs.
by joemammy September 3, 2016
A word used to describe a location with a plethora of extravagant looking females that act in ways that aren't deemed acceptable to society's standards.
Man....I cannot wizzait to go to school tomorrow! It's so freaking hoetastic.
by joemammy March 1, 2007
A level of intercourse reached when you're going for broke.
When you're girl is getting moody take her to pound town. If you're in need of further assistance Google Ron Jeremy. Thank me later horndogs.
by joemammy July 20, 2019