1. Something intended so that all members of the family, little kids, older kids (ages 10-teen) kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy.

2. Codeword used by conservative nutjobs to ban gay rights/marriage, prevent Marijuana legalization, outlaw most Rock music, Heavy Metal and Rap, or at least get it censored, make video games age-restricted, try to get multiple shows and movies like South Park, Beavis and Butthead, Pokemon, and the Harry Potter movies banned or restricted, and shove religion down everyone's throats.
1. We had my young cousins over last night and had to sit through a Family-Friendly movie. Honestly it wasn't that bad and it was a lot more pleasant than school.

2. Conservative nutjob: Thanks to our efforts, we are on the way to creating a more family-friendly nation full of war but free from homosexuality, harmless drugs that would help our economy, music, and anything else that does not promote christianity unto everyone
by Gaaraofthedamned July 8, 2011
The degree to which a perceived authority, i.e. mpaa, pope, and usda, believe a thing should be accessible to children.
According to a great many early christians and judaists, and many modern muslims, non-consensual sex with a pre-pubescent girl was of a high degree of family-friendliness, as long as her owner was the partner and all viewers and participants were members of the household.

United States culture generally says that vegetables have a low degree of family-friendliness, compared to high sugar or sugar-substitute foods.

As long as euphemisms and discrete phallic pictures are all that the movie references to sex, the mpaa will consider giving the movie a g rating for family-friendliness.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
Describes a thing or a word that doesn’t include any things you could censor
Hey look at that family friendly show, I think you could let the kid watch
by Lucas B Nagy October 16, 2019
The best E-sport clan in the world
aj yo! The Family Friendly Clan is the best E-sport team in the world
by leumas05 October 12, 2020
It’s an event starting February 1 until February 28/29 where you can’t swear for a whole month
Jeff: Fuck this girl dude
Bob: Yo remember it’s Family Friendly February u can’t swear or you are out.
by Glaceon4721 November 19, 2018
A voice that a YouTuber aimed at children uses that sounds like screaming.
You know Eysteem?
Yeah. He uses a family friendly voice.
by AllaySkoop May 19, 2022
when one of your friends in a server of discord says "HEY THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY SERVER SO DONT FUCKING CUSS" but they werent sopposed to cuss
this is a fucking family friendly 2 server why are you cussing
by kocheraaa February 17, 2017