A digital pseudo-reality boasting your 'Real IP Address Self' has hundreds of close human 'friends' beyond those you actually have. Yet, the preponderance of these are anomalous entities, much like avatars or quintessences of the collective imagination of those involved. These pixel-meld hallucinations are typically of someone you have never met, never will, or even if you did, you wouldn't recognize each other, which proves the point entirely. 'Friends' are virtual, semi-actualized characters who 'liked' something you said in a lucid moment; are attracted to someone you resembled; were amused by a photo you posted; or related to purported fun or drama.

But since they are never online after befriending you (& they think you are weird if you write them later or think they are actually there) it shows you have bought into this parallel macrocosm of distortedly amplified friendship. Participation severely underlines your extreme insecurity about having few or no 'real' friends since you are willing to make friends with anyone under the slightest pretext & even buy into a scam that gives you a warm, fuzzy sensation of being part of a benign worldwide social network (that may not even include your actual family & friends), but is mainly trying to sell you stuff via tailored ads that materialize on the right, regarding everything you talk about. Just post any word that crosses your mind to see behind the fabric of this lucrative venture. Ka-ching!
Q: You spend all day on FakeBook! We never go out anymore!
A: I Unfriended you on FakeBook long ago! Why are you still here?
by ZeroG August 29, 2012
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Posting only good things (upgraded photos and cheery texts) that make your life look better than it really is. Half-truths...the good stuff happened, but all negatives are nowhere to be seen.
My husband and I had a huge fight, and are on the verge of splitting up, but you will see cutesy the posed pictures from the party we went to on Saturday. I posted them on Fakebook..
by Littlest Monkey August 23, 2013
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the true meaning of facebook ! Users can create any type of profile with photos, lists of personal interests, contact information, and other personal information either true or fake .
some nerd wanna be who makes a fakebook profile in order to be cool on the internet so that they can make more fakebook friends.
by facetitious January 10, 2011
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Creating a profile that is not you, with a fake name and details, possibly for the reason to spy on someone you don't want to know is you
Dude1: "Omg I can't believe she's blocked me"
Dude2: "Create a fakebook and add her to mess up her page!"
by Wraithous July 11, 2008
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Its an imaginary virtual land where everything is believable. Like being in high school for all ages. Who run around dancing with fairies and unicorns. Sending other Fakebook users annoying magical game requests. Having the Fakebook on the not so smart phone, then looking at everyone's life and seeing how great they have it! Its all real in Fakebook world. Fakebook husband and wives sending other Fakebook users messages about things that shouldn't be mentioned. Its all fun and games in Fakebook world till the reality Governor comes and takes it all away!
Petro holds onto his love device the all new Crapple pad. His eyes pure and bright with sheer excitement. Its like a lust, you'd swear he's five and its xmas time. But he's not five, he's damn near fifty! What's all the smiles about. He just got a cow from Fakefarmville and its suddenly raining golden gems. All while he's suppose to be working. Two co-workers look on watching the great mystery.

Stinky: whats up with Petro?
Vooger: he's in deep with Fakebook again most likely
Stinky: Well he better get out of that before the boss see's him again. The guy is always on Fakebook
Vooger: Ahhh its alright its just Fakebook land home of the fairies and unicorns

Stinky: I don't think the boss will like it that he's not getting his work done
Vooger: The boss! Good one, that's a laugh.
Stinky: Why is that a laugh?
Vooger: Why you didn't hear?

Stinky: Hear what? I haven't heard jack squat!
Vooger: Yeah like the rumor is he's on Fakebook too messaging Krueger's wife.

Stinky: Now that's hilarious
Vooger: wont be if Krueger finds out that fella is a real killer
Stinky: true but its just Fakebook land!
by MavrickSauls September 18, 2014
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Any social media site that irresponsibly allows fake news to be easily and quickly disseminated to hundreds of millions. By doing so, democratic elections are dangerously influenced in favor of candidates and their followers who are willing to lie repeatedly, create or spread outrageous rumors and race-bait. These sites and their purveyors of fake news consequently create an existential crisis for responsible journalism, the people of the United States and, now that I think about it, the entire world.

The owners pathetically claim to simply own an innocent “platform,” an excuse not unlike the owner and manager of a whorehouse claiming to only manage the building itself, oblivious and innocent of the actions occurring in the building, and how it has destroyed the nearby neighborhood, as well as the lives of so many.
Allow me to answer this one. Mike voted for that cruel, racist psychopathic moron because he learned on Fakebook that the opponent was friends with a brown-skinned woman who routinely lunched with a Muslim.”
by hodags1966 November 11, 2020
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having a fake Facebook account to stalk/check/spy on one's ex, their new partner etc etc
Person 1: Did you hear about Natalia?

Person 2: No, what happened?

Person 1: She made a fakebook to stalk John.
by afendiprincess. October 28, 2009
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