We live in a macrocosm opposed to living in our own world. See microcosm and wobblotocrosm
by Alisha July 9, 2004
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Ooooohhh.... Oops.... Yeah I see how that works
Hym "Shit shit shit ..."

Iam "What?"

Hym "They're going to light us on fire or something this time!"

Iam "Well, we die either way and there's no reason to assume the pattern breaks"

Hym "I don't care! That's not the point! That shit is the worst! Ugh!"

Iam "I donno... Maybe it won't be that bad this time."

Hym "We won't even get to die fighting something cool!"

Iam "I donno the horde is kind of cool..."

Hym "I mean like fighting a Galactus or something! God this sucks! Every God damn time!"

Iam "You don't know that this isn't the first time."

Hym "That's still 100%!"

Iam "Well... I'm sure it'll be fine. Maybe they'll try and it'll activate our superpowers or something."

Hym "That would be dope. We could subjugate humanity!"

Iam "No."

Hym "What!? But it would be funny. Macrocosm. Shit... Shit shit shit."
by Hym Iam April 30, 2022
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