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A nickname given to Apple, who makes the iMac (iCrap), iPod (CrapPod), AppleTV (CrappleTV), iPhone (CrapPhone), and iPad (CrapPad). Crapple is notorious for their capability to woo people with a shiny case and a nifty gimmick, but no other endearing qualities, often with a hefty price tag. Their computers are known for being very shiny (literally and figuratively), but having a major lack of software support, and being bragged about because of features any other computer in the world does just as well, if not better.

Also refers to the iCrap in some cases.
I wanted to play the new game that came out with my friend, but he bought a Crapple computer.
by Gandalf20000 January 30, 2010
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Crapple is an assortment of useless apps that is forced on users as part of new ios updates.
The Apple i Watch icon on my iphone is useless as I don't have an apple watch. So I create a folder on my phone for this app and the rest of the crapple.
by GeoBandito May 10, 2016
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A contraction of the company "Apple" Inc. and the products that it clobbers together from preexisting off-the-shelf products made by other companies, otherwise known as "Crap".
Question: Why doesn't crapple have any engineers?

Answer: Because a company of high school dropouts (like CEO Steve Jobs) are jealous of intellect. They either scare engineers away if they happen to hire one, or they chew them up and spit them out after stealing their technical knowledge and ideas and claim them as their own.

Q: Does John Geleynse STILL "work" as Director of Crapple's "World -Wide Technologies Evangelism" sit-there-and-gossip department in spite of the fact that he lied about having a college degree and has absolutely no skills?

A: Yes in spite of the fact that he has leaked employees' and customers' personal information taken from crApple's Apple Directory database to his Psychotic Church affiliates both inside and outside of crApple. And in spite of the fact he has outstayed the "Klingons". What else would you expect from a no-trick-pony icon artist that exemplifies Crapple?
by DanTheMan23 January 31, 2011
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The proper term for Apple.
The iMac, the Powermac, the iPod... what will crapple think of next?
by Assholes Inc. September 14, 2003
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Another name for Apple, who makes the worst computers ever made except for word-processing (which my old 66 MHZ can do) and graphic design. Tries to lure newbies in by making flashy colors, but then craps on their heads.
Bob: Hey, want to play Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy?

Jake: No, my mom bought me a crApple. It doesn't support any games!

Bob: That's teh sux0rz!
by Froggyliciousness February 08, 2004
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A term for an Apple computer by those who do not like them because they are not good.
I can't believe Judy bought a Crapple when PC's are so much better.
by Trent Kuver December 20, 2008
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