Women who cling to gay men. Often seen around groups of gay men, they use the insulating effect to enjoy a night on the town without being assaulted by straight men. Also one who clings to a gay guy and reports to be his "bff".
"Wow those girls are such fag hags."
by Nate444 February 12, 2008
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A fag hag is a woman who prefers the company of gay men.
A fag hag is a woman who prefers the company of gay men. The marriage of two derogatory terms, fag and hag, symbolizing the union of the world's most popular objects of scorn, homosexual and woman, creates a moniker that most of those who wear it find inoffensive, possibly because it smacks of solidarity.
by sLg February 1, 2004
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A staight woman who loves the company of the gay male community, such as drag shows, and going to gay bars. She also has a best friend that is gay and the have everything in a hetro relationship except the sex part. And they share what best girlfriends have incomon. Most often the gay men she hangs out with ecspcially if she is beautiful are attracted to her, but the attraction is only them admiering her beauty and the drag queens want to be her. And her main fag is usually very proud to have her as a hag. And a true fag hag isn't ashamed to admit who she is.
Joshua and Marie are best friends.But Joshua is gay, and Marie is straight. She spends a lot of time with him, they go out to gay bars together, he does her hair, she takes care of him, and they even scope out guys for eachother, and even go out in drag together. He loves his hag and she loves her fag. And that a fag hag
by Dawn Sumner May 25, 2004
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You Are A True Fag Hag If...

-You are a straight girl who has a best friend who is gay and spends a lot of time together
-You would rather go to a gay club than a straight club
-Your fag gave you your own drag name
-You know all the gay guys at the local gay bar
-You fag takes you shopping for mac makeup and then puts it on you
-Your hair and makeup are always flawless
-You dress up in his drag gear on saturday night or dress in drag together
-You even dance with all the fags on stage when Britney Spears comes on
-You learned to vouge from watching your fag
-You fall in love with your fag (which is a bad thing)
-You try to convert your fag (this will only ruin your relationship with him)
And lastly... you find your self not being able to live without him because you have so much fun with him.
A Stright girl who shares these experiences
by Dawn Sumner May 25, 2004
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n. A woman who enjoys hanging out with gay men.
Why don't more fag hags hang out with my roommate?
by The Grammar Nazi October 6, 2002
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There is a very big difference among "gay friendly" women. Here are the three main categories:

FAG HAG = A straight woman who likes to be around gay men because they make her feel special, desired and beautiful. Usually she is none of the three. You may think she is a good friend, and she may be friendly enough (and intense), but never forget this: it is all about HER. (EXAMPLE: Joan Rivers)

FRUIT FLY = A straight woman who sincerely loves to have fun with gay men. She loves the freedom she can have with a gay man without the sexual tension of friendship with a straight man. You tend to see each other as "girlfriends." She is often pretty, attractive and maybe even beautiful. (EXAMPLE: Sharon Stone)

QUEEN BEE = A straight woman who cannot get a straight man in her life, so she attaches herself to a gay man and owns him. She may not even particularly like gays, but you are the one man she can control, and control you she will. In time she will alienate many of your friends and before you know where you are you will realize that you have no life apart from her. Some may even be perceived (wrongly) to have a mean streak. Really mean women do not like gay men, or men in general for that matter. (EXAMPLE: Martha Stewart)

Now as to HOMO HONEY, I cannot comment. Perhaps it is a generational thing. (EXAMPLE: Lady Gaga?)
Look at HER! Artistic couture, flawless make-up application, fat but with perfectly fitting clothes... She MUST be a fag hag. No ordinary woman could be put together so well with so little.
by ItsSparkyHere December 23, 2010
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Also known as Fruit Fly and Queer Dear. This is a woman who prefers the company of gay men because she recognizes their effervesence, incisive wit, and sheer brilliance regarding the human condition. This woman appreciates the fact that gay men know how to drill down to the bittersweet core of an issue and make light of it where necessary, and simultaneously make dark humor of it where otherwise necessary. It is a gift that comes from being an outsider: rather than lying down and taking a beating, as some do, the exaulted gay man rises from the ashes and finds the ridiculous glory in being an outsider. In this endeavor, he seeks the company of a woman, and she of him...because regardless of intentions, women and men enjoy the company of those who feel "right" to each other.

Because this type of woman is generally spoiled by the general delightfulness of gay men, she may scorn straight men for their lack of personality and overall dullness.
She had a boring but biologically necessary momentary sexual encounter with a straight man named "Todd," but she soon grew bored of his attention and longed to be encircled in the warm and safe womb of the gay bar. "I must tend to my mother," she told him, as she eyed the clock and noted that it was 1:10 am. In her mind, she calculated and realized she still had time to make it to the bar and hook up with some boys who would eventually stay until dawn and entertain her bottomless need to be intellectually and emotionally stimulated.

In light of this, she deftly dressed herself, and buffed and fluffed her makeup in this Todd's sticky dank bathroom. She then politely delivered a well-placed kiss upon the former object of her desire, and hailed the first cab in sight. She knew with utmost assurity, after all, that straight men are for sex; gay men are for love.
by quidditian January 9, 2005
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