Women who really enjoy the company of homosexual men. Teenage fag hags are very immature in sharp contrast to adult fag hags. These teenage girls really only use their fag as an accessory and only use stereotypically effeminate homosexual boys. If they meet a fag who is not a flaming queen (which is the majority of them), they accuse them of lying about being a fag in an attempt to get into their pants or something of that effect in the most ignorant way known to man. This is because they want a fag friend like the ones seen on TV: a girl-friend guy who enjoys shopping, fashion, make-up, talking about their feelings, and other girly stuff when in reality most homosexual and bisexual boys are just regular Joes but no one knows that becuase they are not recognized as homo/bi by appearance.
Adult fag hags are usually more mature and look for a friendship with a male without the risk of being sexually wanted by the male. The man is not neccessarily the guy-girl-friend and maybe be straight acting.
Teenage fag hags think all gay boys listen to Madonna and shop at Gucci and talk in lisps; what dumb bimbos.
by FreakyLocz14 March 17, 2009
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A woman who enjoys the company of gay men. They can often be mistaken for a married couple... because simply spending that much time together they gain a friendship which is very close to a married relationship. Because like a married relationship they love eachother, while they can't stand eachother, and there is no sex.
Hag: "OMG! You are such a mean bitch! You have no feelings!"
Fag: "Oh really... well you are an over-emotional whiny bitch!"
Hag: "God I hate you!"
Fag: "Fine if you feel that way... I get the diamonds... you can keep the kids!"
Hag: "Ummm... we're not married... we are too broke to have diamonds... and there are no kids!"
Fag: "Oh yeah... sorry... felt like I was married for a moment."
Hag: "It's okay..."
Fag: "You want to go scoop out some hot boys?"
Hag: "Sure."
Fag: "You know I love ya fag hag! And you can't deny you love your fag!"
Hag: "No I can't! Love you too!"

Actual fight with my fag... I'm a self admitted fag hag... and well... I love it!!
by Dani Girl Fag Hag January 09, 2006
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A woman who keeps the company of mainly gay men, and puts their needs above her own and anyone she is currently dating. This type of woman also though will deny it wants to secretly sleep with their GBFF (Gay Best Friend Forever). Also the relationship between her and her "fag" boarders on the creepy almost too close for comfort side.
For more information on Fag Hags see "The Object of My Affection."
by m.r. darcy March 12, 2009
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(n.) One who follows a homosexual guy for lack of own social life or out of extreme love. A hag is an exclusively heterosexual woman, often a young teenage girl, who is attached to her "fag" to the point of making frequent phone calls, excessive texting, nights out in gay bars, clubbing, shopping trips, spa trips, trips abroad, and sometimes even getting a joint mortgage. The hag has the ultimate power to veto dates, grade outfits, disillusion insecurities of her "fag". The relationship between a hag and her "fag" is sacred, characterised by extraordinary protectiveness.

Related: The male best friend of a homosexual guy is known as "fag stag", providing he is heterosexual. The homosexual guy whose social contacts are mainly secure heterosexual guys is known as "stag fag".
Julie is out shopping with Jamie; what a fag hag!
by Sasha Henke February 02, 2006
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Proper Noun: Typically, this title is bestowed to an ugly and/or fat girl who has been systematically rejected by nearly all non-gay males for a significant portion of her life.

To those who do not fit the aforementioned demographic, some other psychological or emotional problem has likely manifested itself, causing normal romantic developments with non gay males to become problematic at best.

To counteract this state of affairs, the fag hag attaches herself to homosexual males (normally of the extreme flamer variety). Psychosocial data suggests that this is a passive relationship that begins out of fear of rejection, but can often progress to full blown dementia, dullusional or irrational behavior patterns, or obsessive compulsion.

Though not an officially recognized neurological or psychological disorder by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), hundreds of case studies documenting the behavior have been submitted to the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association for further review.

As of this writing (NOV 2010), no official response has been issued by these governing bodies, but many speculate that fear of social stigma or notions of political correctness have acted as a significant barrier to further study.
Psychiatrist: "So how long have you been acting as a fag hag"?

Patient: "I am not a fag hag, and that term offends me. I just choose to surround myself with only gay men. Your obviously nothing but a homophobe. It is you who have the problem......"
by JonesPsyche November 29, 2010
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You're a Fag Hag if:

- You're a straight girl/woman and your best friend is a gay guy.
- You were once in love with your GBF.
- He knows everything about you and vice versa.
- Your GBF can touch you inappropriately but you're JUST THAT COMFORTABLE around each other.
- You go trolling around the clubs with your GBF.
"Me and my Hag"

"Can't you do anything without your Hag?"

"You girl, are a Fag Hag."
by amiagbfbf? February 28, 2013
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