A straight women how wants to have sex with gay man.
She knows he's gay, she's his Fag Hag. She wants to have sex with him but I don't think he's drunk enough yet...
by OmBoy January 08, 2015
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An Old rotten looking female that smokes
"did ya see that one isabel she's a proper fag hag"
by TomotheBollix October 21, 2011
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a straight person that attracts gay people in a non sexual way
Sandra has all gay friends, she must be a fag hag.
by snortint April 09, 2018
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A woman who smokes far too often, to the detriment of her health (used in parts of the UK).
Nobody goes through a 20-pack like our Carol, she's a right fucking fag hag.
by Smallerz August 10, 2016
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