Grip, Stick, Hug, Adhere, Hang, Fit Tightly, Clutch
the love that clings to your heart
by umar iftikhar July 14, 2006
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little pieces of faeculent matter that get caught in hair whilst defaecating. Usually in men with particularly hairy arses.
I took a very relaxing dump, but spent a while cleaning up due to the presence of multiple cling ons that arose.
by wharf May 07, 2006
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The female genitalia. Also known as a pussy, vagina or snatch.
I'm going to get me some clinge!

I'm going to get me some pussy!
by Lee Stacey May 23, 2008
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2.friendly yet annoying
A term used for a social and academic loser who, in a desperate attempt to re-gain popularity, befriends an individual to the near point of stalking them.
dave is a cling-on. Get him away from me
by sunscreen June 23, 2005
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When a female starts talking to a guy and is instantly obsessed with him. goes to all means to attach herself to him. multple phone calls and text messages may occur till she knows exactly what he is doing.
olesia is cling on to him like a fat kid loves cake.
by *whiteside September 16, 2007
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An item (a ring or even a stud) that has been pierced through or aorund a woman's clitoris. Clit+Ring = Cling
"Dude, I went down on this chick last night only to dicsover that she has a cling. For whatever reason, I did not get anal last night. I'm confused."
by joneil01 May 26, 2009
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a sexual act whereby one places cling film over their partners face and proceeds to defacate prefusely onto the cling film; with all sensations maintained e.g. warmth, texture, weight, visability etc without any of the unsightly aftermath. This is useful to those unexperienced in brown love but acts as a handy tool in their sexual games.
" steven, you know that sexual technique you suggested last tuesday, what was it called again "
" i believe it was clinging wendy, all the sensations of brown love minus the mess! "
" well....are you busy now "
" they don't call me steven the clinging bastard nothing sweet cheeks "
by suckmyfingers69 January 31, 2009
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