An attractive female who hangs around gay males.
The same as a fag hag but attractive.
by BAH March 26, 2004
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A woman who is friends with a gay or bisexual man but who does not have an interest in seducing them like many fag hags do. (Could be for a variety of reasons, they themselves maybe lesbians or may just enjoy being friends with a man who isn’t trying to get in their pants). Typically very attractive.
There are many a fruit fly in Florida.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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Parallels "Fag hag" yet meant for a young and attractive female instead of an old woman implied from hag.
by Kym February 8, 2005
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The name for a woman or group of women who like to hang out with gay men.

Plural: Fruit Flies
Dude, Christina is such a Fruit Fly!
by MrMorales June 8, 2011
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1) A politically correct term for "Fag Hag," also known as the gay's best friend.

2) One, usually a human of the female gender, who attracts the attention of men of homosexual orientation.

3) A gay man's Bitch
Grace and Karen, from 'WIll and Grace,' are the two most celebrated FRUIT FLYS; each has her own gay with whom she may gossip and expiriment.
by Pradalicious September 9, 2009
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A fruit fly can also be a person of either gender who hangs out gay men and/or lesbians.

Basically a unisex fag hag.
Jesse goes to Pride every year, he's such a fruit fly.
by Mr. F. May 19, 2009
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A straight Male that hangs out with lesbians.
Fag hags get one term, straight males have there own when they hang out with Lesbians.

Hey that guy is a fruit fly.
by JBronc May 15, 2011
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