A woman who is extremely comfortable around members of any sexual orientation, especially that of homosexual and bisexual males, but she herself, is generally heterosexual (not always) and enjoys the benefits of friendsips with the members of the opposite sex, without the underlying sexual tension that normally is present between a male and female who might enjoy sleeping with one another.
Kat: There is nothing wrong with my preoccupation with homosexuals.
Matt: But I think it's borderlining onlesbianism.
Kat: Sorry, but your out of luck on your threesome fantasy, I'm a faghag, not a lesbian!
by Kat Richards June 21, 2003
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A woman who likes the company of gay men. It can be affectionate or offensive, depending on the usage.
"I totally only have gay friends, im a total Fag Hag" (Usually said whilst lusting over their gay best friend that they secretly love in a gay bar)
by lloydbeeatch August 28, 2008
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Homosexual men are just like any other men in that although they share similiarities, in reality they each have their own individual personality. In that case, a fag hag is simply a girl best friend of any homosexual male. She may or may not have other friends who are homosexual. Just becuase she is a fag hag to one homosexual guy does not mean she will automatically be attracted to other homosexual men in terms of friendship. Some fag hag relationships will last forever, just as other friendships do, they are not merely a phase. Usually a girl will become friends with a homosexual male, not because of his sexual orientation but because she is attracted to his personality and vice versa.
The relationship between a fag and his hag can be generalised by some characteristics. They have a deep understanding and love for each other, sometimes deeper than that between sexual partners because both parties know their love ultimately stems from personality and is not tainted by sexual desire. They will always be protective of each other because although he doesn't want his fag hag (in a sexual way), he doesn't want anyone else to have her either.
by Banana June 17, 2006
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fag hag is a girl who is a gay man's best female friend, they shop together, oogle over guys together, and tend to gravitate toward eachother in terms of friendship
Kylee enjoys being friends with Brad becuase he wont ever try to get in her pants. Kylee is a fag hag.
by Remdizzle April 12, 2005
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woman that goes out and is always accompanying gay men
sarah is a faghag, always with the gays.
by pokka November 12, 2007
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A woman with an intense, gripping, white knuckle fear of rejection that has led her to spend all of her time with men who have no reason to reject her sexually. This behavior gives the woman a false sense of security for as long as she and her "fag" engage in thoroughly demolishing each other's chances at forming real romantic relationships.
Hag: Omigod, Tim called me at 9:15 last night instead of 9:00! What was he doing for those fifteen minutes?

Fag: Probably cheating on you, girlfriend! You don't need him. Text him a Dear John and we can go shopping!

Hag: What would I do without you? It pays to be a fag hag!
by Peppermint Swirl March 02, 2009
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Female friend of a homosexual male. Typically incapable of dealing with heterosexual males, the fag hag acts like the gay guy's girlfriend without actually having sex with him. Examples of such behaviour include hugging or linking arms with the gay guy, dragging him onto dancefloors while he is trying to seduce someone, and having an emotional breakdown whenever said gay guy looks dangerously close to going home with someone else. Fag hags are extremely insecure about their "friendship" and will not tolerate competition for their gay guy's time or attention. Gay guys have faghags because they make them feel emotionally stable by comparison and can be guaranteed never to have other plans when they need someone to go out with, but will generally ditch them as soon as they can find someone to pound their poopchute and won't make them watch Desperate Housewives until they lapse into a coma.
Mark's fag hag totally rapes Mark's social life.
by Steve Cheney May 12, 2008
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