a slang word for,"thats good"or"sounds good"
"Yo you guys wana go grab some food and pick up the girls?"
"yeah son thats stright"
by Traffic May 8, 2006
Geordie charv for "Straights"...

Englishly meaning "yes" or alternatively "really" depending of the context it is used in
chav 1 : "Hew ye.. aye... wor lass giz a probba cush bj last neet"

chav 2: Strights?
by nitrosamines July 11, 2008
stright edge is a lifestyle, a commitment, and a way of being.
there are three major rules in sxe (stright edge):
1. no drinking
2. no drugs
3. no casual sex
many sxe people have changed the rules to also include:
1. no caffine
2. no sugar
3. no meat
the basic idea of stright edge is to live a life without the influence of anything on ur body, to stay pure.
sxe = stright edge
by vaneysha August 31, 2005
When you have to lay down the most basic and honest statement to clear something up.
"stright up man, im sorry I fucked your sister."

"you got somthing to say, come say it to me, stright up."

by Big TS September 27, 2006
1.)not drinking
2.)no sex
3.)no meat if wanted
james:"you wanna fuck?"

Eria:"no im stright edge
by raena April 29, 2005
The ulitmate insult to call a girl, when whore, and slut just wont cut it.
I knew this one girl she used to rapidly fornicate with any willing member of the opsite species, she was a stright up cunt!
by alex June 18, 2005
something that chris crocker says negitively because it pisses him of that people say"oh my god thats so gay" about bad things.
Michelle:Hey, like my new flip-flops?
Britney:Ew. Oh my god thats so stright of you to wear areopostle shoes. LOSER
by dirty little bitch March 3, 2008