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Also known as Fruit Fly and Queer Dear. This is a woman who prefers the company of gay men because she recognizes their effervesence, incisive wit, and sheer brilliance regarding the human condition. This woman appreciates the fact that gay men know how to drill down to the bittersweet core of an issue and make light of it where necessary, and simultaneously make dark humor of it where otherwise necessary. It is a gift that comes from being an outsider: rather than lying down and taking a beating, as some do, the exaulted gay man rises from the ashes and finds the ridiculous glory in being an outsider. In this endeavor, he seeks the company of a woman, and she of him...because regardless of intentions, women and men enjoy the company of those who feel "right" to each other.

Because this type of woman is generally spoiled by the general delightfulness of gay men, she may scorn straight men for their lack of personality and overall dullness.
She had a boring but biologically necessary momentary sexual encounter with a straight man named "Todd," but she soon grew bored of his attention and longed to be encircled in the warm and safe womb of the gay bar. "I must tend to my mother," she told him, as she eyed the clock and noted that it was 1:10 am. In her mind, she calculated and realized she still had time to make it to the bar and hook up with some boys who would eventually stay until dawn and entertain her bottomless need to be intellectually and emotionally stimulated.

In light of this, she deftly dressed herself, and buffed and fluffed her makeup in this Todd's sticky dank bathroom. She then politely delivered a well-placed kiss upon the former object of her desire, and hailed the first cab in sight. She knew with utmost assurity, after all, that straight men are for sex; gay men are for love.
by quidditian January 08, 2005

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A replacement term for both "god" and "lord."

For those of us who are non-theists and wish to purge our personal vernacular of religious terms, it can be difficult to get away from the conventional terms/colloquial expressions of "oh god," "my lord," and the like.

I propose its use as a basically meaningless term used for emphasis and/or exasperation in both writing and speech.

It serves as a transition away from "god" and "lord," but is still intuitive enough that the reader grasps the emotional content expressed by/with its use. Serendipitously, "gourd" being used as a replacement for "god" and "lord" is contextually nonsensical...a perfect reflection of the metaphysical silliness represented by the notion(s) of "god" and "lord" to the non-theist.
Cleanliness is next to gourdliness.
by quidditian December 07, 2010

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