1) To Much Of.

2) Alot.

3) Over the Amount
There was Excess Cargo On the Plane.
by Yash October 3, 2004
A word that means 'rubbish' in slang. Most commonly used when referring to someone talking rubbish.

Brare 1: Yo blud u chat bare excess.

Brare 2: Allow u.
by Badass Ghetto Brare July 26, 2009
something so technologically superior that it appears as magic to the viewer.
To the native peoples, the space shuttle most certainly was an excession.
by Denton Troy August 18, 2004
having much excess. duh.
"Dude, Kat's party was excessful. I've never seen that much alcohol in one centralized location. There's enough leftover that we'll be swinging for the fences for a month!"
by Tarara July 12, 2008
"Paris Hilton has 17 dogs, now THAT'S excessive!!"
"You brought all those clothes for the grad trip?? Thats really excessive, especially since we're only here for 3 days!!"
"Adding that scarf to your outfit would make it more excessive then it already is!!"
"woah!!Your wearing an excessive amount of makeup!!"
by Britt A. June 23, 2008
An out of context problem or event - something that is so large or different from normal that it causes a system or society to change in a fundamental way. Originally defined by author Iain M Banks and used as the title of a novel.
The corona virus is an excession. Now governments will consider giving money directly to the people instead of taxing them, as without the support everything we do will fail.
by alexp700 March 20, 2020
The 1337est hax0r youll ever know
by Anonymous August 14, 2003