when a mans pee pee can be seen through the trousers as outlines
guy 1: you exited?
guy 2: no why?
guy 1: youve got outlines
guy 2:*covers trousers*
by El spancho January 30, 2019
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Grinding a girl on the dancefloor and moving your fingers around her crotch
The chick could feel Gary outlining her as they were grinding for two hours.
by mikeyg43 March 7, 2010
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noun: Based on an entire chapter of a huge ass book. Has absolutely no purpose to it and it is done for one homework grade although, it takes >3 hours to do and most likely will take up five pages out of an expensive notebook. Can be considered as a type of "notes" but often times, after handing said papers in, it is not given back until after a test which you could have used it to study for. Sadly, the teacher forgets to give the papers back before the test you took and makes an idiotic excuse that basically makes you want to rip their head off and feed it to a large carnivorous plant that lives in Colorado.

The excuse: "I don't have them graded yet... but you don't need to study off of your outline anyways. the test didn't have that material on it. I already gave you (extremely long and specific- most likely focusing on things you don't understand because the teacher doesn't allow you to ask questions- things that you couldn't care less about) notes to study off of!" *happy smile*

Your reaction: .................WTF. Just.... WTF -_______-
I should be doing my outline at this moment. But, it being so very close to final exams, my tolerance for such useless information is at just about zero. Do you have a problem with this? If so, you can go join my teacher in Colorado.
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I heard Triple J has a smaller outline than RP
by 123roberto123 November 23, 2010
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the hair line of a guy. Most times has corners towards the sides of the forehead. May have parts in it, known as a tape in South Florida.
"His outline is nice"
"I'm about to go to the barbershop to get my outline shaped up"
by Phillyboy27 September 19, 2008
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a graffitti term for spray painting bigg letters with just an outline of the letter,may it be a block letter or bubble . usually used for a 'name' .
ya my dude ,he get up,he hit some mad spots though lately i didnt have enough cans ,had to stretch out the paint, and we just threw up some outlines
by productofthegame October 31, 2015
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Pretty much the greatest band ever composed of Jonathan Grimes with his sexy vocals, Trevor Tatro with his ear-splitting screams, Forrest Mankins and See Jay Cochran with their awesome guitar skills, keyboarding skills by the talented Michael Skaggs, and last but not least, crazy drumming played by the great Austin Mcferrin. They are out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and are often seen playing at the Marquee. They currently have an EP and Bad Romance Cover on iTunes and are definitely gonna make it big. Also seen with the initials of OIC.
Guy 1: "Do you know the band Outline in Color?"

Guy 2: "Hells yeah, I'm going to see them at the Marquee tonight!"
by Lil_Mafia_Man January 1, 2011
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