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Friday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Friday night. Probably the most popular among all ND's. FND, like all ND's are usually enjoyed straight after work. Forgetting to eat is not uncommon.

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Hey who's joining us for FND?

We should have an early FND today, leave at 4?
by Milanifan September 15, 2010
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To find a lady friend, have sexual intercourse and then send her on her way. In other words Fuck aNd Dump.
I f'n'd Mrs. Harris (quote from Dimmy)
by Ahad Malik February 13, 2006
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Acronym standing for "F*ck Notre Dame" usually seen at opposing schools during the week leading up to a contest with the Fighting Irish football team.
Those f*cking goons FND
by Lyle Lanley September 12, 2011
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Meaning someone who is ballin', making money, usually from the Leeds area of England, UK
when i get my new car il be ballin FND
by fndisballin March 09, 2008
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