A word that you use to respond to when you do not know how to respond to the other person ; The word you use when you just are clueless on what to say to the other person ; usually said through text but can similarly be said in real life
Boyfriend: Big boys need to sleep to grow
Girlfriend: Yeaa

Wife: Honey I think I'm in labor
Husband: Yeaa

Person 1: Can you tell me how to get there?
Person 2: Yeaa
by ChadDad123 May 25, 2020
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word created by Anthony Aleman. this is an altervative for saying yes in a beast way or if something good happens
Martin- Did you guys win your game?

Anthony- Yeaa Budd!
by John Hawthorne March 28, 2011
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a word made up by a stud that is used when something beast happens. It can also be used to answer a question
1. Juan- Did you win your baseball game?

Rogelio- YEAA BUDD!!

2. *kid hits homerun* YEAA BUDD!! YEAA BUDD!!
by John Hawthorne April 8, 2011
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