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Known as Gangstaz and killers. Partners who ride and die together.
1)"I'll come to your house, me and my goons
Loadin up bangers, ridin under the moon
Throwin up fingers sayin "My side rule"-Lil wayne

2)You shouldnt had fucked wit tyrone, his goons are comin to whoop your ass.

by Bobboo October 17, 2006
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Hired thug, also could used to describe a person who does stupid things/says stupid things that are funny.
by Snowboardguy15 June 21, 2015
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Well-known slang term in sexual subculture of chronic and compulsive masturbators, used both as a verb and a noun. Means achieving the trance-like blissful state reached when riding the edge of cumming for as long as possible, perhaps many minutes or even hours at a time. Also denoting the absence of control, compulsively pursuing that feeling as a avid masturbator. The term has been in frequent use for at least ten years, perhaps emerging from the physical look of one who is "gooning" or "in the goon," which is a self-possessed, glassy eyed stare of stupidity (thus, an oaf). Also known as "bator mush" and "slain in the bate."
There I was, stroking for hours, and I was into the goon so deep that a bomb could have gone off next door, and I would not have noticed.

Whenever we masturbate together, I like to watch him goon on his penis ... he really gets into it.
by Anonymous94611 December 20, 2006
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A male at a party or social event who

1. Drinks excessive amounts of alcohol for the sole purpose of getting fucked up
2. Only socializes with other goons who are also guys

3. Is typically of larger size

4. Consumes only cheap alcohol revolving around Natty Daddys, Milwaukee's Best Ice, and PBR's
The goons at the party drank all of the Natty Daddy's.
by logeatloco0082 September 25, 2017
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Generally slow witted, or goofy.

Also of either poor quality in character, dress, or personality
Wanna go hang out with Loui?

No man, that kid's such a goon.
by sowingwildoats June 15, 2003
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Someone hired to rough someone up, usually someone big and dumb who commits acts of violence for money.
I'll show those fools, i'll hire a couple of goons to give those butt-pummeling ass clowns a fresh one accross the face. FIST!
by Ed K May 06, 2003
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A plural form for the members of SomethingAwful. These elite group of people have highly talented Photoshop skills(some anyway).
"Let's see what the goons have posted today..."
by ReapersTouch January 11, 2005
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