Dang john was clowning with Sally’s feelings
by beingclownedon July 12, 2019
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to make fun of, make light of.

or the act of being silly.
Susie and her crew were clowning Rosa for having toilet paper stuck to her shoe.
by kayla December 14, 2003
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to be making fun of someone, or make jokes
Dude The Game was clowning on 50 cent. He was clowning on the new kid.
by Matstir January 24, 2010
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Being not serious, or behaving like a clown.
Quit clowning dog, how fucked up is you?
by Yaj Nollid August 23, 2003
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to insert your testicles into a woman's anus, while at the same time inserting your penis into her vagina; normally occurs with several black men standing around
"aww yea clown that bitch"
"nuts in the ass, dick in the pussy"
"yeah, you clowning that bitch"

by Balls Enuranuz May 2, 2007
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Sadistic sexual term. To come in a girls face then punch her in the nose.
'I gave Cheryl a good clowning last night'
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to be doing the damn thang.
She was clownin in her knew car
by octavia April 30, 2003
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