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Release 2.1 of Google's Android.

2.0 was also called Eclair, but this release never made it to the market. Bluethooth, digital zoom, Maps, browser and contact lists were among the improvements compared to Donut.

Eclair is Android's biggest success so far (October 2010), Froyo might beat Eclair and is bound to beat iPhone as well.
A: Do you want an eclair?

B: Oh my, are we serving posh candy today?
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
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Leaving the office early when your boss has left early as well.
Pulling a Vinkie is best done between, roughly, lunch and 4pm. After 4 you can't really say it's a Vinkie anymore, that's just leaving early.

If you notice colleagues doing Vinkies regularly, they are probably not happy in their work. If you see them doing it smiling, they probably already have another job elsewhere.
A: Where's the boss?

B: he left already.

A: Vinkie!

B: Dude, it's half past 5, too late for pulling a Vinkie!
by Milanifan October 20, 2010
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Contraction of the words sweet and horny
Actually the best kind of horny, not in a dirty, filthy way, but in a sweet way.

Comparative: swornier

Superlative: sworniest
CC is so sworny, she's the sworniest girl in the world!
by Milanifan August 29, 2010
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Friday Night Drinks.
Going out for drinks on a Friday night. Probably the most popular among all ND's. FND, like all ND's are usually enjoyed straight after work. Forgetting to eat is not uncommon.

also see:

Hey who's joining us for FND?

We should have an early FND today, leave at 4?
by Milanifan September 15, 2010
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Wresting Takedown Federation

From South Park season 13 episode 10.
Did you see South Park last nite?

WTF, since when is SP on on Tuesday's?
by Milanifan December 6, 2010
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Thursday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to ThND.

If one failed to have a proper WND, one can decide to make up for it by going out for ThAD.

ThAD is no FAD or WAD, but it beats MAD and TAD for sure!
A: Did you have WND yesterday?

B: Me neither. Wanna make up for it?

A: Like the way you're thinking.

B: ThAD it is!!
by Milanifan January 29, 2011
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Google operating software for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Biggest rival of Apple's iPhone and Windows Mobile, although Windows Mobile is actually too tiny to be considered a competitor.

Current releases:

Cupcake Android 1.5
Donut Android 1.6
Eclair Android 2.1
Froyo Android 2.2

Future releases (October 2010):

Gingerbread Android 3.0
Honeycomb Android 3.5
Ice Cream Android 4.0
A: Why don't you get yourself an iPhone?

B: no way dude, Android for life!
by Milanifan October 16, 2010
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