The #1 Catholic University in America. The anti-Boston College
Notre Dame student:I drive a Mercedes
Boston College student:I drive a 1985 Mercedes
by Reaner November 29, 2005
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Probably one of the greatest colleges in the United States. Hard to get into, but is so worth working your ass off in high school to attend. Greatest school spirit ---no other school can beat. GO Irish. Most famous football team of all time (Example: Rudy!). The athletes are the most amazing, talented, nicest and intelligent people of all colleges.
Greatest academic and athletic college of all time.
by ktsm4562 April 14, 2005
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One of the Best Colleges in the Nation. Not only is the school of the Fightin'Irish one of the top 20 schools in the nations (according to US News and Report), it is also one of the top 20 schools for Latino students. (notice how Latino = not all white people). Not only is it accredited as one of the finest educations in the lands, it is also one of the best Catholic universities in the nation. Notre Dame has a diverse selection of students, sports, and activities all on one of the most beautiful campus in the nation. Along with it's long standing academic and religious tradition, the Irish's football history and current program is top in the nation. (Charlie Weis is a good man). So if a Notre Dame student or alumni seems snobby, it's because they have every right to be, they go/went to Notre Dame, and not everyone can be so blessed.
hey did Notre Dame beat Michigan in that big ol' ugly stadium they have in 2005? OH yes..they did.

Tom: hey what is that redneck ass hole doin peeing by my dorm?
John: oh don't worry, he's a Michigan fan..he's most likely illiterate and drunk already.
Tom: but it's 5 AM
John: Like I said..michigan fan
by IrishMexi42 April 19, 2006
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Beautiful college in the otherwise filthy, crack-infested, crime ridden South Bend, Indiana. If not for Notre Dame, South Bend would be a ghost town.
Damn, Notre Dame football sucks, but Catholic school girls rule!
by Manic.Impressive December 19, 2004
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Welp that went ya know fire a lot off jews died i think idk but the catholics i hope strapped them inside the Notre dame and then let it on fire
Hey josh did you see the Notre Dame
Josh: No
by maxiepoe April 13, 2020
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A good academic institution, but that's about it. The culture is crazy strange. Notre Dame grads and students claim that everyone loves it, but when people offer differing opinions, they demand the dissenters leave. How is it strange, you may ask? Interactions between guys and girls are awkward, to say the least. People are nice to your face but the most vile creatures behind your back. ND students are the "best" hypocrites in the world: they're all "Catholic," but then most of them cheat, sexually assault a ridiculously high number of girls, steal (highest crime on campus, and considering the sexual assault problems, that's saying a lot), and lie lie lie. But if you ever try to bring any of these topics up, the response is still the same old BS.... "Love thee Notre Dame" my hairy minority a**.
Student 1: No one doesn't like Notre Dame!
Student 2: I don't like Notre Dame.
Student 1: Then leave!
Student 2: Why don't we just make it better?
Student 1: Notre Dame is heaven on earth! F*#& off!
Student 2: .....(sigh)
by Reasonable Notre Dame Student October 15, 2011
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1) A formerly great, formerly Roman Catholic university. Its board of Trustees decided at the turn of the millenium that it was more important to climb up the rankings at USNWR than to maintain its distinctive mission and identity. As a result of its rapid secularization, it climbed from #18 to #18.

2) A college that can afford to sacrifice its Catholic character, due to the large number of young Catholics who are nevertheless anxious to spend four years and $200K on the experience of living in the empty space between Gary and Toledo.

3) The place where Rev. John Jenkins walks with a cell-phone on his ear so he can pretend to be in the middle of a conversation. This enables him to cross any quad (even South) without having to talk to actual people.

4) A Catholic-college-based theme park in the Upper Midwest, featuring 'Touchdown Jesus,' 'Fair Catch Corby,' 'Play-Action Pass Pope Cletus,' and 'Illegal Formation Ss. Boris and Gleb.' No one knows why.

5) Two lakes an hour's drive east of Gary.

6) A reflecting pond in front of a library with practically no windows and totally depressing study carrels sporting graffiti such as "Re-Elect President Hoover" and "Bring this Rail-Road Contraption to South Bend!"

7) A mythical location, found on no known map, where Zahmbies urinate on other people's dorms, and the upper-administration don WWI-era German infantry helmets and stand in St. Mary's Lake on alternate Tuesdays in order to improve the USNWR standing.
Look, Dunstan! Isn't that Fr. Jenkins standing in a lake with a pointy helmet? We must be at Notre Dame!

Great, Akhbar! I can't wait to see 'Illegal Formation Ss. Boris and Gleb.'
by Juan Non-lamestain July 11, 2008
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