a shortened, censored version of "fuck that shit"
"Our paper isn't due until friday? F that S! I'm drinking tonight!"
by Beamer February 22, 2005
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to replace your vulgar language with the letters they begin with. as to not sound like an 8 year old who just learned the word.
no way man, f that s.
by adam teabag October 10, 2005
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Used in certain "Right Leaning" political groups online. Deceptively not an acronym, the meaning literally is to go faster because one wishes to accelerate to the inevitable "Collapse". After which comes the rebuilding of the traditional structures of society (but with technology and spirituality/magic perfectly integrated).

Then to call anything F/A/S/T means it has any of these concept implicit in it. I.e. a picture of a knight/samurai but holding a machine gun. Or really anything with an archeofuturist aesthetic.
Bruh did you read the manifesto of the recent school shooter? It was F/A/S/T as F*ck!
by Captainwillies December 17, 2019
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John wanted f/s, but Amber gave him a back massage then ran out with the money.
by slushfish August 22, 2008
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To fireswipe, this means when you enter the subway illegally by either jumping the turnstile or using a broken turnstile.
Are there any PHOENIX around? I think we should F-S vin.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
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Short for "Un-fuck your shit." An imperative directing someone to correct a deficiency.
John , un f your s, or you'll end up getting fired.
by TooBigToFlush January 21, 2017
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