Used in certain "Right Leaning" political groups online. Deceptively not an acronym, the meaning literally is to go faster because one wishes to accelerate to the inevitable "Collapse". After which comes the rebuilding of the traditional structures of society (but with technology and spirituality/magic perfectly integrated).

Then to call anything F/A/S/T means it has any of these concept implicit in it. I.e. a picture of a knight/samurai but holding a machine gun. Or really anything with an archeofuturist aesthetic.
Bruh did you read the manifesto of the recent school shooter? It was F/A/S/T as F*ck!
by Captainwillies December 16, 2019
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For Sale or Trade

Used very commonly in the paintball community to advertise items on the internet one would like to either sell or trade.
***'06 Ego with Virtue Board F/S/T***
by Crazydriver84 December 01, 2006
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