John wanted f/s, but Amber gave him a back massage then ran out with the money.
by slushfish August 22, 2008
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To fireswipe, this means when you enter the subway illegally by either jumping the turnstile or using a broken turnstile.
Are there any PHOENIX around? I think we should F-S vin.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
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For Sale or Trade

Used very commonly in the paintball community to advertise items on the internet one would like to either sell or trade.
***'06 Ego with Virtue Board F/S/T***
by Crazydriver84 December 1, 2006
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BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKERS... jessi h. and mariah w.
steve Look at those B A M F 'S!
john Who? Oh them? Don't worry about them--thats just Jessi and Mariah...their pretty kewl
steve sweet
by ILJHSM December 3, 2007
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Double F S B
fuck fear
steal beer

The black scourge of Walgreens. An acronym for the type of thing which a select group of broke college students are forced to engage in. Can also be a product of suffocating boredom.
You: I'm pregnant and I have a midterm tomorrow and I'm scared.
Me: Shut up whore! Double F S B!
by jackon September 30, 2010
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a shortened, censored version of "fuck that shit"
"Our paper isn't due until friday? F that S! I'm drinking tonight!"
by Beamer February 22, 2005
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