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inadequete, failure, lack
These symptoms are shown by deficiencies in her genes, which don;t produce enough protein.
by Alexandra February 12, 2005
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Having a problem, lacking something, acting like an idiot cause there is something wrong with you. In place of saying "what's your problem".
Jason is doing something stupid or saying something dumb for no apparent reason:

"Hey Jason, what's your deficiency???"
by Tbotmoore July 28, 2005
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a term used to describe someone who is very stupid or acting like a idiot, commonly used as an insult or a joke

this is a post done by the_real_panzerking
"you cleaned chocolate ice cream with bleach, you are literally mentally deficient
by Panzerking December 9, 2018
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Cowbell Deficiency, also known as CBD, is an extreme medical condition. Victims of CBD are known to have high fever. The only known prescription of CBD is more cowbell.

Talk to your doctor if think you are suffering from CBD.
Intern to Doctor

I: "Doctor we have a new patient"
D: "What does he have"
I: "The only visible symptom this man has a fever, but it looks like he is dying."
D: "<softly>Cowbell Deficiency"
I: "What?"
D: "This man...has a fever...and the only more cowbell."
by geniusonwheels February 6, 2009
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A deformity in the cell membrane that causes water to not move through the cell efficiently, thus lowering the ability of the osmosis process to carry nutrients. Parts of the body start to shut down due to large amounts of malnutrition (effects of Osmosis Deficiency include but aren’t limited to, lose of basic motor skills, the body shutting off access to certain parts of the brain limiting communication skills) early symptoms often resemble severe dehydration. Osmosis Deficiency is a rare disease but it is still possible to catch, their is no proven way to prevent the disease but it is often believed that pomegranates can cause your body to have a harder time defending agents the disease.
I feel bad for Brent he has trouble communicating his thoughts since he got infected with Osmosis Deficiency, he used to speak in such an intelligent way but now when he speaks it’s just comes out as a jumbled mess.
by ThatguyP May 31, 2019
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Not having enough credits to be a normal college student. These kids are usually made fun of, even by gingers.
Dont stare, but Chris B. has credit deficiency.
by DJM2204 April 10, 2007
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A lack of adversity. A condition that may cause somebody who lacks life challenges to become so bored to the point of creating their own illusion of struggle and conflict...because they have lacked those elements throughout their own life.

An Adversity-Deficient sufferer will spend their time creating issues out of non-issues...because they have never had any actual, significant challenges during their own existence.
Many of the bizarre social issues that have been thrust into the spotlight today are a product of Adversity Deficiency.
by Robb Denney October 26, 2019
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