A mispronounced form of the word DISCRIMINATE.Often used due to suspected police brutality.
"Why dem cops be incriminatin"?
"Why do they incriminate soo dam much mang"?
by Carl (The Ocelot) C. November 4, 2008
Taking a selfie on a smart phone you stole.
My phone got stolen but I got it back from the cops because the rocket-surgeon thief did some selfie-incrimination.
by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda February 8, 2015
In Criminal Law, it is an art of lying when facing a senate trial.

Synonym: Janet Napoles
Senate blue ribbon: Name the senators who are part of the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam.

Napoles: I invoke my right against self-incrimination.
by PORK November 7, 2013