impressively majestic;
gifted with heroic powers
Leslie Ellis believes Laura Ames is an epic kiddo who bikes for Jesus.
by thejellomonster May 13, 2010
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Google, when you search for epic:
Did you mean: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

-It used a *ing galaxy as shuriken!!! That's epic win!
-No, that's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann win.
by renrutal May 11, 2008
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to define something so inconceivable that the only word to describe it is of something of such high inconceivability, the only word to define is actually epic. no human can conceive something as epic as something to be deemed defined as 'epic'. this term is mistaken to be used when someone gets a win on fortnite, but actually it requires much higher importance to be deemed 'epic'. the word goes back to the beginning of time when roblox was first invented by God himself when he received all 69 infinity stones. the only word to describe the occasion was epic.
(there is currently no scientific way to correctly display the word 'epic' in a sentence)
by JimTheJim August 01, 2018
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1. Particularly impressive in a remarkable way


1. The type of guy who stands over the group in a protective manner but is also a total softie. The best person to continually crack jokes with and laugh with. Checks in to see if you’re okay, yet doesn’t reach out when he’s not. He needs to remember that no matter how many people there are that hate him, there are twice as many people who love him. Will make sure you’re safe until the day you cross him. Lives up to his name.
1. Person 1: Hey man, what’re you playing?

Person 2: It’s a game called Fortnite.

Person 1: Woah dude, that’s so epic!

Person 3: Can you guys give me my Xbox back now?

Person 1: No, we’re playing this excellently stunning game, like I said, it’s epic.

2. Person 1: Haha! OMG that guy over there is hilarious!

Person 2: Yeah, he really is! Hey, I bet his name is Epic.
by crispyraindrops November 02, 2018
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Epic means you are apparently cool or something like that.
Zoe, your really epic at this game!”
by lоris May 02, 2019
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A word that needs to be filtered out from the Internet.
random tool: That was the most epic thing ever.

you: No, it wasn't.

random tool: Hell ya it was!!

you: Do you even know to use that word in the proper context?

random tool: Ya, just did.

you: Do you even understand the meaning of that word?

random tool: ...DERP!
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
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