Totally and completely wicked awesome.

Synonyms : Kickass, awesome, amazing,

2 Keiran : -tells joke-

Aeralyn : OMG That was epic! Hahaha!
by Roxanne Hayley Michelle August 30, 2007
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Used to infer something is cool as heck, or really epic. And if you're looking this up, you're most likely to be epic. But of course, Epic Games doesn't count.
That kid that just screamed: "I'M GOING TO LAS VEGAS AND I'LL GET ALL DIAMONDS FROM MINECRAFT" is an epic legend.
by Someone very epic December 13, 2020
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Tony: bro I have a date tomorrow
Matthew: Epic
Tony: what
Matthew: Epic
by Oppai~Chan October 8, 2018
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Extending beyond extraordinary. Remarkable and impressive. Grand in scale.
If Z90 picked Tabitha and Sarah for 3.0, that would be EPIC!!!
by WeLoveZ90 November 13, 2017
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When something is just so awesome and cool it becomes very epic.

When excited it's pronounced epeaic
Dude, that was very epic
by GoodDefinitionsGuy June 6, 2019
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