Great news, To find out about something that is good. i.e. Greatness, i.e. Awesome. i.e. Fun
The lakers had an EPIC game against the Kings.
You coming over is epic.
Memorial Day not having to work is Epic.
by Mark Adamczyk February 19, 2003
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after years of riding as a crew, it was our last day of shreddin before splittin up and dispersing across the globe. with one last run in the park, dee threw down the cab 5 we'd be waiting for all season. epic.
by tLee September 18, 2006
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1. Very large or big
2. Incredible or freaking awesome
3. The polar opposite of fail; Unless used to complement it making EPIC FAIL (echoes)!!!
4. Awesome
5. Larger than life
Megan Fox looks epic
That jump was EPIC!!!
Matt, your death metal is so epic
by lostwithinmyownmind January 27, 2011
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Any Thing, Person or place that is - Long, Hard and/or Awsome
"Man that road trip was epic"
"Lord of the rings is an EPIC movie!"
"The hike was EPIC"
by Kyle Hope September 19, 2006
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1) It is a long poem or narrative, usually glorifying a cultural hero of that time.

2) Nearly the best weapons any class could have in the Everquest series (although later expansions would have better items available).

3) A genre of movie that is similar to the first definition.
"The Illiad is an epic that revolves around Achilles and Hector of Troy or something."

"OMG my epic takes too long, I quit."

"Braveheart was quite a good epic!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
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