When your girlfriend makes a video about you on tik tok
Hey bro did you see that epic video my girl posted”

Yeah bro it was epic”
by Theactualdictionary October 26, 2019
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Something that is really cool or really nice,
Or something that amaze's you.
"Hey look at this 154 mc nuggets box!"
"Woah bro that's epic!"
by IM SO FRIKING HUNGRY August 25, 2020
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People who use this word in every sentence they speak, because they think it's sounds so cool, but really, EPIC FAIL. I'm gonna predict a few things about you if you love saying the word EPIC every 8 seconds.

First prediction, You smoke meth!!

Second prediction, you have children that you never see or take care of. Cause kids are so not EPIC.

Third prediction, you are on probation and probably still need to finish drug counseling.

Fourth prediction, you live at your parents house. The Rents are so not EPIC either, you know...

Fifth prediction, you had a 2013 Ford Focus, that was silver, lied to your boyfriend that you love him, would never hurt him and you promised to pay the monthly car note. Then you take said Ford focus, use it to drive yourself to different drug dealers and prostitute yourself for some meth. Then you proceed to fall asleep while driving and totally wreck the only nice thing you will ever get to drive, and still be lying to your boyfriend telling him that you wanna work things out and your loyal. Loyalty, not to your boyfriend, but loyal to the foil, because now your also smoking heroin on top of the meth, and now we're also shooting up meth.
Sixth prediction, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this last one, you will spend part or most of 2022 in jail!!

Omg ur soo EPIC. Like wtf. This is not EPIC

Uggh, EPIC is liife
by Mr. Kanunu Batuna December 9, 2021
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epic eh-pik

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

To do the impossible and break the unbreakable. To fight what defines logic and win.
The most badass anime ever made. It truly defines what it means to be Epic. Amazing story, Amazing Battles, Amazing Music, and pure awesomeness.

youtube "Gurren Lagann"
by Tc2r July 5, 2009
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1.A term for one who achieves great feats and/or is amazing in general

2.Something incredibly amazing.
Did you see That guy do that backflip 4 feet in the air? That was SO epic
by TheBoomer October 26, 2013
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1) A word once used described by Vikings going into battle

2) Now an overused and annoying word used to spice up 13-30 year olds vocab.

3)Also used to descride a youtube video, refer to epic fail.
1) "We are here to fight against this dragon in an EPIC journey!!"

2) "Dude.. see Avaitar the special effects are EPICCCC"

3) He fell off his skateboard and hit his nuts... EPIC FAIL
by Owleyed February 4, 2011
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