Epic means you are apparently cool or something like that.
Zoe, your really epic at this game!”
by lоris May 3, 2019
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The band 'Two Steps From Hell'
Dude have you hear Two Steps From Hell's new album?

Hell yeah dude! It's so epic!!
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1. Very large or big
2. Incredible or freaking awesome
3. The polar opposite of fail; Unless used to complement it making EPIC FAIL (echoes)!!!
4. Awesome
5. Larger than life
Megan Fox looks epic
That jump was EPIC!!!
Matt, your death metal is so epic
by lostwithinmyownmind January 28, 2011
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Any Thing, Person or place that is - Long, Hard and/or Awsome
"Man that road trip was epic"
"Lord of the rings is an EPIC movie!"
"The hike was EPIC"
by Kyle Hope September 19, 2006
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*Listens to Despacito*
"Wow, this is so epic, unlike Gangnam Style."
by pijeN March 26, 2018
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One of the Greatest Songs of the 90's performed by Faith No More, This Song Paved the Way for the Rap/Metal Genre.
Though Hippie activists bitched about the music Video for Epic which the fish appears to be dying, it was in fact slow motion footage.
by Dave T. September 17, 2006
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Epic is currently used by most groups of people to describe anything extraordinary. Most of these people fail to recognize that Epic started in World of Warcraft referring to the highest level of loot gear you could normally get (I know legendary is higher but the only people you see with that shit are fucking crazy). Most people look down at those who play World of Warcraft but ironically use many of the terms that they came up with.
by Pakawakajaka October 21, 2010
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