It is the most overused word in the english language. It has two definitions. The first one is that it's a synonym for crap. The second definition is that it means classic "cool" or old fashioned or lord of the rings world of warcraft wizards 101 middle agesy or disneyish(lame) type cool(or in some cases "cool"). Cipe is supposed to be "the new epic" because it's epic spelled backwards. But it's kinda lame. It even sounds lame. "Air" or "scythe" sound way better. Scythe and Air might become the new words to describe something beyond the most awesome awesomeness ever seen!
Situation 1
Dude1: Whoa! that video was so epic!
Dude2: That's what you say about nearly every video you see. *5 hours later.
Dude1: I just took an epic ship. I made an epic! It was so crap!
Situation 2
Guy1: *watches top 10 epic songs*
Guy1: That was so epic!
Guy2: If by epic, you mean lord of the rings middle ages like then sure.

Guy2: GET OUT OF THE WAY, guy 1! I gotta chat with my hot smart(Seriously!) girlfriend on this gaming site and then I gotta look at some videos of this hot fictional videogame/TV character.
by HawaiianPunch1 June 18, 2012
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A word that is so played out by tools, douche bags, and advertising agencies to describe pointless crap that you can simply decide that someone is not a waste of space if they do not ever use it.
I have never heard of you using that shizz homey. That's why you're still down! You're the opposite of epic. Oh damn, I said it so please punch me in the face. I deserve it.
by LoopDit March 24, 2011
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(adjective) Awesome, kickass, or otherwise positive. Can be used to refer to anything but is usually referring to a particular event or action. The most common usages are "epic win" or "epic failure," and some prefer to type it in all caps. Occasionally people use the phrase "Epic ___" as a stand-alone sentence or phrase, always following a story about something considered Epic.
Example 1: "He's a blackbelt in karate, so when this asshole came up to him, he totally kicked the dude's ass. You should have been there, it was fucking Epic."

Example 2: "I'm a blackbelt in karate, so this asshole came up to me and I kicked his ass. Epic fucking win."

Example 3: "That asshole from down the street got his ass kicked today."
by A. Webb October 02, 2007
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A way to broadcast ones' homosexual status.
In addition to wearing pink shirts, Brandon uses the word epic as often as possible to advertise the open nature of his asshole.
by zed2k March 30, 2010
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noun. Good, great.

adjective. Totally cool.

It used to refer to a very specific type of poem, like The Iliad or The Odyssey. Then came the movie version of Lord of the Rings, arguably an epic itself. The movie's popularity introduced the word to the ignorant public. Soon hack video game "journalists" were using the term as a synonym for "fantasy," which did not help preserve the original definition. After years of corruption, the word is now an even more annoying synonym for "totally cool, dude!"
My hat is epic.

Today is epic.

That cereal is epic.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 14, 2009
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The most freaking overused word in the english language. It has in fact been used so much that there is really no reasonable definition for this word. Often used as a prefix to:

-insert your choice of word here-

by Lochnessoon May 27, 2009
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The "not" of the 2000s. Something that is okay to say this year but if you say it next year will just get you looked at weird, like if you wear to go out in public with a fanny pack or wearing overalls with only one strap buckled. Used to approve of anything positively. Only momentarily, of course. Often piggybacked with "fail" as "epic fail". Another reason for other socities to despise the ineptitude of the human beings within ours.
"Epic" video game

"Epic" female

"Epic" clothing

"Epic" haircut

"Epic" poser metal band featured on Guitar Hero.

"Epic" anything else that comes to mind.
by BDITM May 22, 2009
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