Slang for somebody who smokes cannabis. The term was possibly coined by the reddit community.
Cats are definitely the best stoner animal an ent could wish for.
by The-Kyle September 9, 2010
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Tree-creature in Lord of the Rings. Ents are tall, slow and patient creatures which live in the forest of Fangorn and exist to protect the trees from harm. Related to Entwife. Make for very cool special effects in films, especially when it comes to trashing Isengard.
That tree's got a face - it looks just like an ent.

You need the patience of an ent to put up with this degree course.

Tony Blair's revived the road building programme! I hope an ent squashes him.
by Andy April 18, 2004
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Isn't. Mainly used in Worcester and surrounding areas, this word can substitute for isn't, aren't and wasn't or I am not.
1. There ent no more left! (There aren't any more left)

2. Ent it? (Isn't it?)

3. I ent gonna do that. (I wasnt/ I am not going to do that.)
by Ribs August 9, 2006
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Ent: Noun
to shit an ent: when your shit is to big to fit the description of 'a log' it becomes an 'ent'
1.'Dude i shat an ent yesterday'
2.'Wow that is some log of a turd'
'Nah dude that is an ent'
by Kye Hatton November 5, 2008
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A person who smokes marijuana. The term is named after the fictional tree characters from The Lord of the Rings after someone on Reddit noticed their slow and mellow personalities, similar to that of a stoned person.
I smoke weed too, want to be fri'ents'?
by kawfey July 24, 2012
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Users of trees, marijuana, weed, cannabis, dope, grass. or whatever you wanna call it. Popularised by "/r/trees", a reddit community based around the subject.
A couple of ents:
-Hey man, let's smoke some trees!
-Sure thing!
by xkoalax May 22, 2012
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a trinidadian slang used to clarify something.
Ent, yuh tell meh that yuh wanted to play after school?
by January 4, 2021
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