Under the influence of a drug called "Salvia Dinivorum".
When one is tripping on Salvia.
by Christopher T. Sawyer II January 25, 2005
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a fat funny guy that dances like a retard, does nothing at parties, has a tiny head, choad, and a pimple on his face that never dissapears, hes a retartd but hes also cool, he also thinks hes so cool by insulting someone by saying errrr.
wtf nico whyd you sit on stefano now his backs broken. random kid says:get away from me you sap sap.
sap sap says: errrrrrrrrr
by lotios February 13, 2009
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When your in your feelings, don’t wanna be bother, your not sad or mad your numb, most people listen to sad music to get over sapping 😐
by Elyse London January 28, 2018
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Term popularized by rapper BBKnight on his Livestream. Play on the word "No Cap" but referencing the sap that sticks to your hands from the trees. According to BBKnight,

"No one like to get that sap on yo hands, so no Sap"
by NinjaGroax March 7, 2019
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someone who is spilling out their guts about how they feel and such

you can be a sap when you are talking about how you feel about love life etc
joe liked mary and he always tell his boys that.
his boys would call him a "sap"
by _bbycakes November 15, 2009
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Sap is a North American slang term for the highly deadly drug heroin. Also known as junk, this extremely addictive opioid is shot up using syringes and is also snorted sometimes. Shit head junk using drug addicts are widely known as Sapheads, Skeezers and Tweakers, but it is rumored that the term Sap was first used when referring to heroin in Seattle, Washington, during the years of the 90s grunge/post punk scene, a scene which included many scuzballs, and heavy drug users in general. Sap turns a person into a true undesirable. It’s effects are irreversible. Some have sad that the term Sap is a term for somebody who thinks and moves as slowly as (Molasses) tree sap moves, but this has been proven to be simply not true.
Dominick: Man, this sap hitting the squad different lately

Tyrell: Sheyit, you need me to call up my nigger Viper?

Dominick: You think that nigger will let me move another brick for him so soon?

Tyrell: I think he might. Viper runs the smack game, fam. And if he see you moving weight, he gon say shit you know what, the nigga Dominick been on the block moving a lot of Herron lately, I need him as one of the top pushers in my organization.

Dominick: Alright my guy, call him up, let’s make it happen, cappin. Been movin a lot of junk to this nigga named Jimbo.

Tyrell: An old head ass nigger, huh?

Dominick: Yeah he bout to kill his self with the shit though, imma have to find some new clientele you feel me

Tyrell: Bet. Link that shit up with Viper, my guy.
by derrickJones441 July 12, 2022
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An insulting exclamation aimed at a person over which one has triumphed.
by Corkin July 31, 2006
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