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long flappy labia lips
bitch wrap your meat curtains around my dick
by moe March 22, 2004

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1. (n) A company that got fucked by Ken Lay and his butbuddies.

2. (a) A way of saying that someone/thing is going to go bankrupt.
1. Enron blows chunks

2. Worldcom enroned a couple days ago, but they are continuing to serve clients.
by Moe July 26, 2002

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boobs, on a calculator
hehehehehe, boobs. hehehehehe...
by moe December 29, 2004

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Correctional officers are responsible for the custody, care and supervision of offenders in a prison or correctional institution.

Correctional Officers are also known as Detention Officers, Correction Officer and Prison Officers in certain jurisdictions.

Correctional Officers are employees of the federal, state, county or city governments. Contrary to popular belief, Correctional Officers are quialified in firearms and carry them when not in direct proximity with prison inmate population. They are Law Enforcement Officers with jurisdiction in a correctional facility.
Q: Who are Correctional Officers ?
A: Correctional Officers are underpaid, unappreciated and underrated Law Enforcement Officers who are often referred to as "Prison Guards" and often mocked by Police Officers as being wannabe-cops.
by Moe July 13, 2003

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To get Your shit rocked by a closed fist.
Yo Son just got the shit duffed outta Him.
by Moe June 17, 2006

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to insult, begin to insult
nigga the fuckin teacher carried yo ass today!
by Moe March 05, 2004

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This term is generally used in many Latin American countries (Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and others) to describe the vagina. But it is also used to describe cantankerous or cranky old people.
Que chocha tan peluda!! (What a hairy pussy!!)

Es una vieja(o) chocha(o). (She's an old grump)
by Moe October 29, 2003

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