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Martial art style developed by the Ninja during the 16th century. Ninjutsu teaches the art of beating your opponent without the use of any force, by showing the human body's weak points. Ninjutsu enables yourself to end a battle shortly after it began by breaking the enemy's bones or making him unable to move any more.
I am a master of Ninjutsu
by Moe September 21, 2003
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That wise-ass just needed a little "Hot Soup" to change his attitude.
by Moe July 1, 2003
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a big ass like the 1's u c in rap vidoes... that big!
look at that gadump!
by Moe February 16, 2005
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hey man, i was in front of frosty boy the other day, and i saw rachel and chelsea shabackabacka
by Moe June 18, 2006
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Honourable member, ninja and mighty god to all beings. Also having the ability to destroy and rampage over backstabbers.
I dont dare.. Zolton will get us !
by Moe January 14, 2004
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1. (n) A company that got fucked by Ken Lay and his butbuddies.

2. (a) A way of saying that someone/thing is going to go bankrupt.
1. Enron blows chunks

2. Worldcom enroned a couple days ago, but they are continuing to serve clients.
by Moe July 26, 2002
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