The opposite of Urban Dictionary

Instead of slangs, it contains words we are too stupid to understand.
English Dictionary on Motor Boat
A fast boat that can be accelerated by pulling a string on its engine.

Urban Dictionary on Motor Boat
Titi drown bitches
by Matthew the Alchemist October 12, 2013
A lexicographic wonder comprising 20 volumes of mostly abstruse words, from the graveyard of the English language, in which old gentleman of Anglo-Saxon origin refer to as a conversation piece when drinking their tea with their cronies and chaps; sometimes it is actually referred to promote dry erudite works of literature.
"Jeeves" could you bring me volume 14 from the Oxford English Dictionary?" "There is a word from Shakespeare, of which I am not quite sure."
by Luddz February 1, 2015
If I'm not sure about the definition of a word, I might check the Oxford English Dictionary for an accurate and in-depth definition.
by WordLover731 November 18, 2009
A dictionary invented by Cami, the ever-powerful zombie ninja-fairy.

This dictionary is still being written.
Cami is the only known person able to speak fluent napkin.
Therefore, the only one eligible to write the Napkin to English Dictionary.
by Cami (Is cooler than you) March 17, 2007
the internets way of showing me to speak italian, and those mediteranean fucks, how to speak italian to, the one on the internet called me a pussy, and told me to fuck off, it hurt *sob*
pofter poofter poofter sex!!!
by analsexxx March 28, 2005
The way real people actually speak. To be contrasted with Proper English or the even more antiquated Received Standard, the speaking of either of which today in many situations will lead to strange looks, chuckles, sneers or cries of "Speak fucking English!" Reflective of the modern trend away from conformity, rigidity, artificiality and snobbery toward autonomy, creativity and the rejection of propriety.
Aaron: Good Day, My Good Man! I say, may I inquire as to the freshness of your pomegranates? Old, dry fruit is something up with which I will not put!

J.B.: Whoa, Homie, you talk like that around here and you'll get your ass kicked! You'd better check out the internet and learn how to speak fucking English. Urban Dictionary English can save your pathetic ass, Dweeb.
by Avery Clapsaddle September 30, 2011