Can I lick your titi?
Maaari ko bang dilaan ang titi mo?
by hanepBro March 11, 2020
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Filipino bread legend that doesnt melt. Super delicious that all of boys can eat. So fluffy with a brown topping and its more delicious when its more bigger and firm. It is better to eat at night and when in a dark place.
Nonoy: Can i eat your titi?
Nenechicanauno: COME TO PAPA!!!
by Mckoy Palabakoy August 10, 2014
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Titi is the most amazing friend you could ever have she's kind loveable nice pretty cool she has a heart that cares about other you might not see it at first and she gets offended really easily
by Salma rose January 3, 2018
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What Louisiana/Creole people call their Auntie.
Has French & Spanish origin.

Tauntie = Aunt in French

Tia/Tita = Aunt in Spanish

Both languages were spoken in Louisiana before English.
Titi Janet is having a crawfish boil tonight.
Titi Stephanie cooks way better than Mom!
by BfromLV April 25, 2021
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Aunt or Tia. Word used in Puerto Rico.
person 1:Have you met Titi Daly?

person 2: Who?
Person 1: My aunt Daly.
by educate yourself February 19, 2010
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Titi is a female name. Often used by the most beautiful girls. If u have a friend name Titi be proud. Titis are often thick, funny, sexy, and fun to be around
Yo that’s Titi billz I wanna marry her”
by Citygirljt March 9, 2021
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(Titi) is an African name for a beautiful girl which means forever she is a fun loving and a caring person ,a good friend and a great person to be friends with she can't stand betrayal ,she can be emotional ,she loves to look great at all times ,she likes to stand up for what she knows ,she takes people who care about her seriously and won't like to share people she loves with others having (titi) has your friend is a privilege
She is caring she must be a titi
by bunnteey August 18, 2018
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