A lively person, fully of personality and always up for a laugh! Usually a beautiful person with long brown curls In their hair.
Man, what a lexical
by Dom Z April 5, 2016
A beautiful angel in the form of a child. Blonde hair with large blue eyes, the laughter of bells, & a smile brighter than the sun. Seeing Lexice is seeing pure love & knowing peace.
I was having the worst day, and I found Lexice, and then everything was peaceful.
by £bevy¿ October 5, 2010
v. to invent new words

n. lexicater- one who lexicates.
Hope: What are you up to Missy?

Missy: Tonight, I'm gonna contemplate and lexicate.

Hope: Cool. Did you think of any new ones yet?

Missy: Yeah, 'pressert'... dessert before dinner!

Hope: Nice!
by lexicate March 8, 2010
The word for when there isn't a word for something that there should be a word for.
Ex) There is a lexical gap involving a non-slang verb for sex
by **Frisbeetarianism** November 16, 2010
the phenomenon in spoken discourse where-in the language and its given lexicon is switched/replaced (french to english, e.g.), while the idiom, point of view and paradigm unique to the first language is preserved.
- "oh they're speaking french".

-"c'mon that's english.. don't go cheap on that. it's supra-lexical english is what that is. the preservation of a unique idiom, shared p.o.v. or more generally, paradigm."
by frosh laureate March 31, 2012
Noun: A term for a dissorder where by someone is unable to associate the correct meaning with a GIF.
Its Dyslexia.... but for GIFs.
(Adjective: GIF-lexic)
"Did you see the GIF Hannah posted in the group chat....?"
"Yeah it made no sense at all... Think she is GIF-lexic"
by RoceHatNinjaCat February 16, 2021
The misinterpretation of the size of a man's member in an image sent via text message or email, with the misinterpretation being that the member is thought to be smaller or larger than the actual size of the organ.
Dude, I got Dicks-lexic when he sent me that dick pic, it's smaller than it looks.
by Angel_in_AZ May 7, 2017